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You Don't Have to Whish For Smooth Skin Anymore

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Do you have a shave routine you follow? We found some amazing products to use that will leave your skin feeling soft and free of razor bumps. There are 4 products that are going to stay in my shaving routine all summer long.



First start with Whish Prelude Pre-wax and Shave Serum. This formula avoids harmful numbing ingredients like lidocaine, instead using the natural gently numbing properties of clove leaf oil and menthol. Which hazel and tea tree leaf oil help to cleanse and tone the skin helping wax adhere better for a smoother waxing experience while organic aloe, panthenol and organic cucumber help keep skin soft and irritation free. Whish Prelude is packaged in a cute airless container made with natural organic ingredients. All you have to do is pump and apply about 5 minutes before waxing or shaving. Easy enough right?




Next step is to shave with Whish Shave Cream. This is a nice thick whip moisturizing shave with no drying foam. The beautiful blend of natural ingredients will leave you skin feeling soft, smooth, and pampered. The ingredients include Organic Shea Butter, Organic Raspberry butter, Organic Green Tea, and organic coconut oil to name a few. It will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft.


Lastly to really combat the possibility of razor bumps use Whish Flawless Post Wax and Shave Serum. It is formulated to banish the appearance of bumps and ingrown hair without the use of harsh chemicals. The formula exfoliates and cleanses using ingredients like willow bark extract and papaya extract, restores and soothes with yeast extract and wheat germ extract, calms and soothe with organic aloe and organic cucumber extract. 

This combination of products is sure to leave you skin looking amazing and ready to hit the beach or pool this summer. 


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