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Are You Protecting Your Eyes from Winter Weather?

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Hope all of you FABULOUS readers had a great Thanksgiving! Today we are happy to introduce a new guest contributor, Victoria. She is a health & beauty writer for Direct Sight (an online glasses retailer). Today Victoria talks about an important topic most people tend to avoid. Enjoy :)


So as November progresses and December looms, we all know that the days will get shorter and colder. However, when we turn up the central heating and pull on a warm winter coat, is it worth considering any other precautions? Sunlight and, in particular, UV rays are the single biggest cause of skin cancer. In addition, other unpleasant side effects of sun exposure include premature aging, wrinkles and age spots. Most of us will wear a scarf, or maybe even a hat during the winter months, but our faces remain exposed to the elements. Therefore, it’s important to take a few added precautions for skin and eyes in the colder season.

Firstly, it is worth investing in a light sun-protection for the face. It may seem excessive, but UV rays can prove just as dangerous, despite the cold. Up to 80% of UV radiation can also penetrate clouds, meaning gloomy days are deceptive when it comes to skincare. For women, look out for foundations and tinted moisturisers with an added SPF such as Olay Essentials Complete Care Touch of Max Factor Foundation which is a light moisturising cream ideal for the daytime. Many top brands now include SPF 15 in the formulas. However, it is important to remember to cover the entire face to ensure you gain the optimum level of protection.

If it snows this winter, the UV rays can be intensified and thus more dangerous. Snow can reflect up to 80% of the sun’s rays, meaning it is even more important to apply appropriate sun protection.

sunglass in winterSecondly, eye protection. As with the risks to skin damage, the same applies to the eyes. Sunglasses in winter may seem bizarre, but they are the best way to ensure your eyes are fully protected from the sun’s rays. Look out for frames offering 100% UV protective lenses for optimum security.

Another important consideration for both skin and eyes is the damage inflicted by cold weather and powerful central heating. On a busy day, constantly switching between the outdoor winds and indoor warmth can cause the skin and eyes to dry out. When the skin becomes dry, it can become flaky and sore, and dry eyes can cause irritation. Invest in a quality, rich daytime moisturiser (ideally with SPF) for the face and hands.  When it comes to the eyes, heat and cold can cause moisture to evaporate and tear glands are unable to maintain their protective, moist coating, particularly for those who wear contact lenses on a daily basis. Glasses or sunglasses can help protect the eyes against harsh winds, and moisturising eye drops can be great for restoring any lost moisture.

So when you prepare to step out into the cold weather, consider investing in some quality sun protection to maintain moisture and comfort for the delicate skin and eyes.  

About our guest contributor: Victoria is a health and beauty writer for Direct Sight, an online glasses retailer. See more articles written by Victoria here.

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