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Can Essential Oils Save You Money on Health & Skin Care?

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Hi Fabulous Readers!

DoTerra oils final

As you know by now, this week the Certified F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. team reviewed various aromatherapy brands and products. Since we all loved and certified doTERRA Deep Blue Rub with our award seal, I decided to take a look at what else they have to offer. We have the doTERRA Family Physician Kit in the office, so I decided to take it home to play around with the different oils it comes with. 


  • Lavender Essential Oil - for all things calming 
  • Lemon Essential Oil - cleans and freshens 
  • Peppermint Essential Oil - cools and invigorates
  • Melaleuca Essential Oil - first aid for the skin
  • Oregano Essential Oil - natural immune support
  • Deep Blue Soothing Blend - muscle and joint support
  • Breathe Respiratory Blend - respiratory support
  • Digestzen Digestive Blend - digestive support
  • On Guard Protective Blend - natural defense
  • Frankincense Essential Oil from Oman - first aid for minor cuts, bites and sores


Using essential oils can be dangerous if used wrong so make sure you know what and how to use each one you get on your own. I love the doTERRA brand because they have codes to alert you which is used for what and how to use them. Most all of them can be used aromatically, if you have a diffuser it is an amazing thing to use in home (or work) to freshen the air and alter your mood positively. I saw a news report on a hospital that diffused these aromatherapy oils into the air and the customer comments and feedback became much more positive than before and the mood of the employees also improved higher than before. 

Essential oil use for healing was first argued by a group of European doctors and scientists in 1907. The actual word Aromatherapy was first used in 1937 in a french book on the subject, written by René-Maurice Gattefossé, a chemist that claimed using lavender oil helped to heal his burned hand. 

shadow dancingTrue story: I rushed out of work one day to make it to my friends birthday party in town at a dance club. It was summer and hot and I really was in need of a deodorant re-fresh! I didn't have any with me and when I met up with my friend she didn't either...but she did hand me a bottle of doTERRA lemon oil and told me to use that. I laughed at her and told her it wouldn't work, "it's only oil". She insisted and swore by it though, so without any other options I put some under my arms. After hours of dancing and sweating I smelled of only lemons! I was so confident to lift my arms knowing I wouldn't offend anyone and I wouldn't have white deodorant stains on my shirt! It was crazy and very hard to believe. 

After that day I began to try the other oils...if I felt congested or just needed some soothing fresh air to breathe in I would apply the Breathe blend or the Peppermint oil and felt a nice cooling, relieving sensation that put me at easy and alowed my breathing to be more fluid. Lavender has always been known to calm so that is a great night time one to diffuse in the bedroom or add to the bath or massage right into your skin. The Deep Blue Soothing blend, which is in th Deep Blue Rub, can actually be applied directly to aching / tired joint...AMAZING stuff! 

I know they are found in a lot of skin care products, but I never realized how amazing essential oils are when used alone! I have yet to try the Melalecua oil for blemishes, which was very interesting to me, but I would like to test it our next time I get a major breakout and let you all know how it went!

Do any of you have home remedies for beauty / skin care / health??? I am VERY curious now :)

Until next time...

Keep on Being Beautiful You!



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