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Use Eye Contact with Confidence After This Glowing Repair!

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"It is better to trust the eyes rather than the ears."

"The eye is the mirror of the soul."

"What the eye does not admire the heart does not."

Everyone knows the importance of their eyes...for obvious reasons. Like a smile is an important first impression so are the eyes, since that is what people are looking at the majority of the time during a conversation! I truly believe you can tell a lot from a person's eyes and feel it is important to have them looking their best. No one likes looking into red, eyes with dark circles and saggy skin. Looking like you never sleep is not really a look people want to have or to look at. You might not even be tired, but your eyes reveal a whole other story.

When I look at tired, droopy eyes it gives me the impression of defeat and weakness, and who wants to give off that impression?? Age is a factor in this look, actually not getting much sleep is another, but a large reason is the effect of the sun on your face! So many people apply sunscreen on their bodies faithfully but skimp on their face, which has the most delicate skin to worry about. Even if you wear sunglasses or sit under an umbrella on the beach the sun is bound to get you, when you least expect it! Do you put sunscreen on before you go to work or if you just go out for a walk in your neighborhood? Most people would answer no. Even on an overcast day the sun can reflect harmful rays that you wouldn't even think about.

04102013 Coola Calm Glow Eye Gel Certified Fabulous

Okay, so you can use sunscreen on your face or buy makeup containing SPF to help with prevention from here on out, but what do you do about the damage already done?? I found the ultimate sun care skin care with COOLA! I was fortunate to experience this brand and excited to try out their Calm Glow Eye Gel made with Environmental Repair Plus to refresh and repair sun damage on the delicate eye area. It's uniquely crafted to reverse the damage caused by the sun and environment, featuring natural and organic ingredients and antioxidants designed to calm, sooth, firm and protect skin in or out of the sun.

I really love serums, the way they feel lightweight and absorb into my skin and just the way my skin can easily adapt to that form of skin care to gain all the repairing nutrients I need overnight to wake up with a clear complexion. I loved this product! It felt very cooling instantly when I applied it which gave my eyes instant relief.  The product glided on easily and absorbed nicely, and after it was dry it didn't leave a sticky residue so it was easy to add my other face products on and even my makeup when I used it in the morning! No real scent at all, it's very faint and only last while wet on the skin surface.

What mattered the most were the results, did it improve my eyes? The short answer, YES! I saw an improvement in the tone and brightness right away and my skin was smooth, no fine lines! There is also a sunspot by my eye that I noticed had appeared less noticeable! This was only in using it overnight, as I continued using it every night it has been progressively improving the look of my matter how little sleep I had! hah. My eyes are repaired and my eyes look brighter and awakened, leaving me ready for my day of work, early morning film sets, meetings, and long trips away from home!

I am ready for more sun and warmer weather! Summer can't come fast enough :)

What's there to do in the Spring time anyway? ;)

Until next week, Keep On Being Beautiful You!

xoxo Jessica


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Jessica is a lifelong beauty product aficionado and the Certified F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S resident trend-hunter. As a social media maven and actress, she maintains a constant awareness of the ever-evolving beauty industry.  Jessica has held various community relations positions in the United States Air Force, and was tasked with boosting base morale and hosting distinguished visitors during her Middle East deployment and also worked in the Guest Relations department for the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Gardens, one of the largest complexes of its kind in the country.  Her weekly trend updates are as varied as she is and register with women from all walks of life.

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  • Nathan Horn
    Nathan Horn Wednesday, 10 April 2013

    hmmmmm I will have to try this out. I always look tired in pictures. I can only imagine what people think when I am in conversation. Perhaps this will be a fix for me! :)

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  • Jessica
    Jessica Wednesday, 10 April 2013

    Eye care is very important yet it's something people neglect! This will help repair some damage done, but remember sunscreen is always important :)

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