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TREND ALERT: Glamorous 3-D Nail Art!

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Hello Fabulous Readers!

Lately I have been super excited to write my reviews and share with you all of the AMAZING products and brands I didn't know existed before! Sure I've heard of some of these brands and know of them but I didn't look too deep into them until I was dying to try something new and began to research. 

In 2012 one major beauty trend that continues to be explored and re-defined is the nail art obsession! If you have read my articles before you know I am not a huge nail fact I bite my nails to the point where it seems pointless to apply polish to them. But, I have to say, seeing Zoey Deschanel's cute tux painted nails at The Golden Globe Awards sparked my interest. Since then I have seen zillions of crazy nail art pictures all over blogs, Pinterest, Facebook, twitter, the red carpet....EVERYWHERE! The crazier, the more shared it is. At this point it is almost like a competition among beauty fans. The competition is also between the beauty industry companies coming out with easy and expressive nail art products. I usually don't bother looking at nail products unless I am in search for a particular color, but this particular nail kit caught my attention and I can't help but tell everyone I know that I found the best nail kit in the world! 


Ciaté: CAVIAR Mini Bar is the most innovative, creative, unique and glamorous nail set I have ever seen in my many years of beauty obsessiveness!  Someone like me with little interest in spending time on making my nails look creative can use this kit to easily and quickly turn any nail from drab to FAB! It is ideal on nail lengths longer than the tops of your fingers (like my nails are always kept at) but it still works on the little surface I do have! No one can be left out with this kit, because when I say quick and easy I mean it! Let me break it down for you...

The Ciaté: CAVIAR Mini Bar collection comes with 4 mini paint pots (Knickerbockerglory, Pom Pom, Fit for a Queen & Sand Dune) and 4 ciaté mini caviar pearls (Prom Queen, Jubilee, Hologram & Candyshop) AKA: the "desing" / "3-D art". These caviar pearls (in this particular kit) are basically little beads that look like candy dots (as pictured at the top). It comes with a plastic tray and a funnel, so you don't need anything addition to what they provide besides nail polish remover. 

 1) Remove any dirt or oily from finger nail by rubbing clean with nail polish remover

 2) Apply a coat of the nail polish from one of the paint pots

 3) Immediately sprinkle the mini pearls over the plastic tray, through the funnel onto the fresh painted nail

 4) Let dry and repeat steps for all nails! DONE! No top coat needed :)

Perfect for any event, party, formal occasion  as it adds that much added class and style to your look. Warning: Expect to get a lot of compliments and 

Some trial and error tips I discovered with this (to spare you from making these mistakes): people wanting to study your nails! hah

  • DO NOT apply any top coats in hopes to secure the pearls stay on indefinitely! As soon as I tried to apply a top coat the whole nail look "melted" off and I had to start over! 
  • These are a great show piece for any occasion and if you want to trend this look daily with your style be aware that any kind of dishes you do, showers, swimming, lugging suitcases in the airport...etc, the beads tend to come off faster. BUT I must say, even when they did all come off they left the coolest rainbow colored dot design behind so either way it looked good to me :)
  • The little 3-D pearls are addicting to keep touching if you are not used to things (other than nail polish) on your nails. I kept touching it in awe...which also made them come off faster...oops!CAVIAR Mini Bar3


I am hooked!!! This is yet another item to add to my "can't live without" list...which is quickly growing...

My Conclusion: I LOVE Ciaté!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now to check out the rest of their product line :)

Until next week...tell me your nail art obsession.....and

Keep On Being Beautiful YOU!

Happy Holidays :)

xoxo Jessica

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