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Travel the World by Shower w/ These Cultural Washes He Will Love!

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Molton Brown’s Body Washes and Exfoliator

You can travel the world with these luxurious sexy, fresh, sensual, fruity scents. They represent a fabulous array of fragrances. I’m not sure if I have a favorite… I like them all!!!

The travel size bottles are great you can pick and choose from these exotic scents with their beautiful vibrant colors take them with you anywhere. These scents can lift, calm or energize your inner spirit…enjoy embrace indulge in all of them.

Molton Brown body wash setThese amazing blends will take you on a wonderful journey!!!

From London to Seville, Brazil, Japan, the Philippines, Australia, Tahiti, Laos, France, Madagascar, the Atlantic or the Gulf of Guinea.

Molton Brown has the following fantstic descriptions of their products.

Orange & Bergamot Body Wash - London via Seville - Dappled shade, fruit hanging from the trees, scents as sunny as the Sevillian orange oil (for radiant-looking skin), bergamot and sweet orange blossom aromas. Bright, refreshing and ideal for your morning shower.

Suma Ginseng Body Wash - London via Brazil - Close your eyes and picture a hidden waterfall, or exotic bird call, trees soaring into the sky. This blend of Brazilian suma ginseng (for healthy looking skin), geranium oil and cinnamon; let secrets from the jungle invigorate and refresh your skin as this luxurious shower gel lathers up into a deeply aromatic foam for both a refreshing shower and indulgent bath.

Japanese Orange Body Wash - London via Japan - Citrus fruits, morning sun, lively conversation over steaming waters. A body wash with Japanese orange extract (for antioxidant protection), spicy cumin and caraway. Inspired by traditional Japanese bath houses where Japanese oranges (aka yuzu fruits) are left bobbing in the water, this body wash lathers up into a zesty, refreshing foam.

Sandalwood & Coconut Body Wash - London via The Philippines - The milky white of freshly cut coconut. Honey dripped from spoon to lip. Gandang drum heard along the shore. A body wash with coconut fruit extract (to help energize the skin) and warming sandalwood. Close your eyes and head to the islands with this soft and subtle body wash – perfect for drifting away during your evening shower or bath.

Eucalyptus Body Wash - London via Australia - A deep breath in, a moment to reflect. Fragrant woods heated by the sun. A body wash with Australian eucalyptus oil, wild mint and menthol aroma (for the ‘ahh’ moment). Experience the scent of an Australian woodland with this gently cleansing yet potently scented body wash, perfect for a warm relaxing bath time soak.

Gingerlily Body Wash - London via Tahiti - Exotic flora, black sands, fragrant spices perfuming the breeze. A body wash with Polynesian tamanu nut oil , ginger and moisturizing white lily extract. Wanderlust? Then welcome to the great escape. This exotically scented body wash gently cleanses and scents the skin for a glamorous daily treat. 

Temple Tree Body Wash - London via Laos - The calm of the temple, scented petals placed on the steps, ancient stones against a blue sky. A body wash with Laotian templetree flower, patchouli and jasmine aroma.

This is a holiday in a bottle – a gentle body-cleansing body wash full of sunny vibes leaving you with exotically scented skin. 

Silver Birch Body Wash - London via France - An escape into the wilderness, glittering bark. Joie de vivre, found.A body wash with French silver birch bark (to deep-clean your skin), zesty bergamot and cedarwood. Like an invigorating walk in the woods, this hearty, charismatic body wash gives your mind and body a lively start to the morning with its deeply aromatic lather.

Samphire Body Wash - London via The Atlantic - Crashing waves, the scent of the surf, rock pools concealing hidden treasures. A body wash with skin-boosting samphire (brimming with minerals and vitamins), horse - chestnut complex and marine aromas. Dive into deep-sea discoveries for healthy-looking skin with this body wash and feel your body refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Black Peppercorn Body Wash - London via Madagascar - Heated sands, a spice-spiked breeze, skin warmed by the sun. A body wash with Madagascan black peppercorn oil (for antioxidant protection), fragrant coriander and herby basil.

Keeping you clean, fragrant and ready for the day, this award-winning body wash is just the thing to spice up your bathing routine.

Pink Pepperpod Body Wash - London via The Gulf of Guinea - A humid dusk, sweet aromas in the air, spices ground between pestle and mortar. A body wash with pink pepperpods (for antioxidant protection), fiery ginger and rich patchouli oil. For a seductively scented soak or shower, this spicy body wash is just the thing. It will leave your skin clean and subtly scented – ideal for the day or night ahead.

Ylang-Ylang Body Wash - London via Madagascar - Secrets from rainforest, sun warmed woods, dozing headsMolton Brown Paradisiac Pink Body Exfoliator beneath the canopy. A body wash with calming Madagascan ylang-ylang , yuan zhi (to help rebalance) and warm cedarwood oil.

In need of some me-time? Then try our relaxing shower gel, blending plant extracts traditionally believed to help bring harmony to tired minds. Ideal for a soothing soak in the bath

Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod Body Scrub - London via The Gulf of Guinea
Fiery pink pepper with ginger and patchouli. 
For bodies that need a little extra polish, this cream textured body exfoliator helps to leave your skin healthier looking, smooth and beautifully scented. Sultry, Tropical, Spicy, Fiery pink pepperpod (full of protective anti-oxidants), exfoliating bamboo stem particles, African ginger perfume oil, for a touch of piquancy.

enjoy the journey!



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Hi Jamie, so glad you asked... I found my forehead and eye areas to be a lot smoother and brighter. Peptides as well as hyaluronic acid combined with anti oxidants ingredients all help to improve the skins tone and overall appearance. These patches are a unique Micro-Current delivery system. hope that helps


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