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Travel in Style for the Holidays with this Trendy Bag!

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I have to travel occasionally for work. I sit in a room each day with two other women, and we get along marvelously. When we travel together for work it is a pleasant experience, even though we are working. Unless, however, you are the coworker who is forced to room with me. Because there are 3 of us, instead of all cramming in 1 room, we usually get 2. I bounce between the 2 rooms, I’d like to think because they both want 1:1 time with me. The truth is, I think I’m bounced around because I take over the bathroom, driving my roomie nuts. I now know the key to being the favorite roommate is to use a wonderful toiletry organizer, effectively keeping my stuff out of the way.

I have a great toiletry bag from Modella - the Modella Weekender. It is the perfect size (i.e. big enough to house my magnitude of styling products, makeup and skincare as well as any hair accessories and first aid I know is absolutely essential. This bag is shaped like a small square suitcase and sports a really cool modern black and white stripe pattern with hot pink piping around the edges. Inside the top pocket is clear, which is so convenient when bathroom time is shared and being able to see and grab what you want in a hurry is necessary. The bottom zippered pocket is also spacious, but is bright pink and not see-through (for those “secret” items that do not need be made public). A third, smaller zippered pocket (with a clear window) is located at the top of the bag. I put my smaller skincare items (creams and lotions) as well as my hair ties and toothbrush/toothpaste. A handy hook is located at the top making hanging this bag from a towel hook or shower rod super easy.

Also included in this wonderful travel bag is a travel sized body pouf as well as 3 travel size reusable containers I use for my shampoo, conditioner and mouth wash. Being organized really makes travelling more enjoyable. I used to rely heavily on ziplock bags thrown into my suitcase. I so love having a really cool toiletry travel bag, and I’m sure my hotel room sharing coworker agrees as well now that they do not have to deal with my things from one end of the sink to the other. Thanks Modella for a really great product!!


Modella Weekender Bag 11.25.13 Certified Fabulous

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