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Tips for an Optimum Spa Experience

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Hi Everyone and welcome to 2013... Can you believe it!  So I guess the Mayans were wrong and we still have a few years left here on Earth huh?  Well what's a beauty rock star to do?  Hit the spa of course!  This week we've all been talking about salon treatments.. what works and what doesn't work.  Is it worth the money to go or can I just do the same at home.  For many things, yes you can, but sometimes someone else rubbing your tired, overworked puppies is well worth it!  In my years I have been lucky enough to experience the good, the bad and the down right nasty of spa life.  So I thought I would share a couple pointers I've learned.

1)  What experience are you looking to have at the spa?  Are you looking for just a quick waxing or are you looking for a relaxing, aromatherapy experience?  Set your expectations before you walk in the door.  Even if you're just going in for a quick wax, but still want a relaxing day, choose accordingly.

2)  Do your research on the spa.  Many people take the time to write up reviews on their experience on the spa and sometimes if you're lucky they'll write about the therapist they used.  It's amazing what you can find out about places with a little google search.

3) When choosing a treatment, do your research before your appointment. Each spa perform treatments differently.  I would recommend calling ahead and asking, what products they use, how they use them, are there any side effects you should be concerned about?  Once you're there and in the chair, feel free to ask questions to the therapist about the procedure.  This is your body remember!!  They are there for your enjoyment, not the other way around.  If something doesn't feel right or hurts, let them know.

4) Most spas will give you a walk through for first timers and show you around and introduce you to the facility.  If they don't, ask for one.  Remember you're a paying customer and if you don't feel comfortable or it's dirty, you can always walk out.  Follow your gut instinct and don't feel guilty.

5) Remember your Girl Scout motto, "Always Be Prepared."  Pack accordingly to your treatment.  If you're going in for a facial and have to go back to work afterwards, don't forget your makeup bag(if you wear it).  Or if you're going in for a pedicure, don't forget to pack your flips.  Wouldn't you hate to mess your pretty new piggys because you had to stick them back in your closed toed shoes? Boo!

6) Don't be afraid to use Groupon for treatments if you want to try out a new place.  You can always cross reference and check out reviews.


Well my lovelies, I hope my tips help in choosing your next visit to the spa.

Stay well and in this crazy world we live in, remember we all can make the difference in someone's day.

So, when in doubt, HUG IT OUT!

Beckie B

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