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The Rise of Indian Beauty Practices

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The Rise Of Indian Beauty Practices

Indian beauty practices are becoming more and more popular in the western world, as the way that Indian women adorn themselves is very sought-after. Indian women are very striking, with a very unique presence about them. What makes them so striking and memorable has a lot to do with how they apply their makeup and their traditional beauty techniques

The stars of Bollywood are perfect for us to model our looks after, but how can we accomplish these Indian beauty practices without being required to actually travel to India ourselves?  

1) Henna

Henna has been known to exist in many parts of the western world for quite some time, but it is just now reaching its height of popularity. In India, women traditionally have henna drawn on them when they are celebrating their wedding; however, in the western world, henna is used for nearly any event or circumstance.

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Henna is derived from an evergreen plant and added red berries (hence the reddish-brown hue). Henna is usually drawn on the body in a flowing, flowery design and can last for several weeks!

2) Threading

For a long time in the western world, plucking or waxing your eyebrows used to be the most common methods to keep your brows neat-- not so anymore! Nowadays, the beloved Indian practice of threading is becoming more popular. In fact, many professional salons actually offer this service.

Threading uses a piece of thread to pull through the brows and remove hair directly from the follicle. While it can be painful, the practice is catching on in the western world because of how well it works!

3) Kohl

Kohl is often compared to eyeliner for the western world. There are some differences between the two, however. The base of kohl is lead sulfur, which is ground together with other ingredients, producing a very dark powder. Sometimes, it is even used on eyelashes!

When traveling to India, it is not uncommon to find that many small children have had their eyes darkened with kohl. This practice is not quite as popular in America, but it is a fad that is often seen in Bollywood. In India, the practice of putting kohl on the eyes of children was believed to strengthen their eyesight.

4) Nose Piercings

Nose piercings in India are very common. In fact, it might even be considered strange for a woman not to have her nose pierced in India. Piercings, in general, are quite popular in the western world as well, but nose piercings were likely largely influenced by Bollywood and the women of India.

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Sometimes subtle, the trends and beauty practices of India are becoming more and more practiced throughout the western world. Although they may not have the same meanings or hold the same values as they do in India, women in America can still take pleasure out of fashioning themselves after Bollywood stars!


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Marcela De Vivo is a writer for the Miami salon, Bellezza, a mother and yoga enthusiast in California. She loves to study different beauty trends throughout the world and often shares them through her writing. Follow her on Pinterest and Twitter today!

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