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The Importance of Finding Age-Appropriate Skin Care Products

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Considering that people today are finding ways to save money without depriving themselves of comforts and luxuries, it is unsurprising that many consumers would look at the prices first when choosing skin care products. Although it is indeed a major consideration, the price of the product should not be your main criterion.

Look for skin care products that have been made specifically for your age group instead. This way, even if it's not the most expensive one around, it can still provide you with the nourishment and protection you need at present (and in preparation for the future).

Teens and 20s

The common skin problems people experience during these years are acne, pimples, and skin discoloration (not necessarily freckles). Young people also tend to have active lifestyles and spend a lot of time outdoors. They therefore need to use the following skin care products or products:

  •  Sunblock lotion and facial cream with a high SPF value  – to provide protection against harmful UV rays
  •  Facial cleansers (foaming or with microbeads) – to remove deep-seated dirt, dead skin cells, and excess oil from the skin.
  •  Anti-bacterial cleanser – to get rid of pimple-causing bacteria.
  •  Spot treatment cream for pimples – direct treatment for acne or pimples (ideally, this must be recommended by a dermatologist).
  •  Moisturizer – for the body and the face. It is never too early to start putting on skin moisturizer!



In this age bracket, the skin starts to get older, therefore signs of aging may start to appear. Skin rejuvenation is no longer as reliable as fast as it used to be when you're younger. At this point in time too, your lifestyle, diet, and previous medications may begin to have more visible effects on your skin. These are the products recommended for people in their thirties:

  •  Exfoliating scrub – a non-foaming, non-drying solution is best for this age group. You want to preserve the natural oils and moisture of the skin to keep it elastic.
  •  Moisturizer – amp up your moisturizer by looking for products with anti-oxidants and vitamin C. These fight free-radicals, boost natural collagen production, and help prevent wrinkles.
  •  Retinoid – to preserve the texture and evenness of your skin tone.
  •  Sunblock – apply sun protection all over the body.


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The skin now begins to get drier. It starts to lose elasticity as well, that's why the first lines between the brows may start to appear. It is therefore important to boost your skin's moisture and elasticity.

  •  Facial cleanser – also non-foaming and non-drying.
  •  Moisturizer – also containing anti-oxidants, vitamin C, and other nourishing vitamins.
  •  Retinoids and Peptides – continue retinoids and supplement with peptides, which boost collagen formation.


50s and Above

At this point, you need to moisturize a lot. Drink lots of water and fruits rich in anti-oxidants as well.

  •  Moisturizer – morning and night.
  •  Facial cleanser – choose a product that also deeply moisturizes the skin.
  •  Peptide serum – apply every day before you moisturize.

Investing on the quality of the product is wiser than simply choosing the cheapest anti-aging cream on the shelves. You can save more money in the long-term because your skin will be getting the best care and pampering early on. Your skin will remain beautiful and healthy as you grow older, eschewing the need for more expensive skin care products.


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Dr. Ralph 05.26.13 Certified FabulousDr. Ralph Bieg

Dr. Ralph is the Medical Director of Pender Medi Spa in Vancouver and the Medical Director of Skincare Centre in North Vancouver, BC. He specializes in Cosmetic enhancements and is a member of the Face Institute. He is also a recognized trainer of Botox and Fillers in North America.


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