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The #1 Grooming Tool on Your Man's Holiday List!

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When talking about hair grooming most men think about gels and pastes to shape and control. In this case I am delving into the realm of hair trimming and removal. The MicroTouch Switchblade, is a versatile tool used for find shaping of facial hair and unruly chest hair equally. The perfect go-to for the “manscaping” needs of the modern male.

The Face

As a worker bee in the busy cubicles of a large office, I need to keep my facial hair in neat and clean. For the most part this has consisted of shaving every other day. Simple, effective, and boring. With the addition of the Switchblade to my facial ritual, I have better control over sculpting clean straight lines. Offering me more options for a sharp looking beard line and sideburns.

Additionally, I am slowly creeping up there in age and discovering that hair on your chin is not the only place that needs tending. Lately, I have discovered the painful truth of wild eyebrows & ear hair. I remember making fun of my father as a child, because he has fuzzy ears…. And now I am paying for those insults with my own ears. Luckily for me, we have tools like this to solve this problem. A quick swipe of the Switchblade and the curse of the wolfman is gone. I think I might buy one of these for my father for Christmas and see if he gets the reference to my youth.

MicroTouch Switchblade 11.15.13 Certified Fabulous

The Body

Here is where we separate the men from the boys, literally…. Boys don’t grow chest hair, so this section of the article is useless to them. So pre-teens reading should stop now and skip to the end…. Go ahead… We’ll wait…. OK good. Moving on.

“Manscaping” has become more widely accepted today then ever before. Mostly because a larger segment of the female population is expressing their love of smooth chested men. In this direction I have to say that the Switchblade is an excellent option.

The larger cutting area of the grooming clippers built into the handle make quick work of even the most dense of chest tufts. Instead of several strokes of a razor, you can use one pass of the Switchblade. Less passes of the razor means a faster grooming ritual, and more time to be spent out in the world enjoying yourself. When it comes to fast manscaping without cuts, this is one product that delivers well on its promise.

As a side note: Any guys out there that like to save money on haircuts by sporting a crew cut, will appreciate the guides that are supplied for the large clippers.

The Switchblade is perfect for any man that appreciates the utility of a multi-function device that saves time and money. Trim your chest, head and beard with one tool and cut your grooming time in half. I recommend this tool to the men out there that want to manscape for their own comfort and the enjoyment of that special someone in their life.


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Nathan is a modern male that takes pride in his overall health and appearance.  Working in both the creative field of independent film as well as the fast paced world of IT, he works hard and values products that can keep up with his busy lifestyle.  Bouncing back and forth from the professional offices of the University of Maine and sets and streets of the Portland independent film scene, Nathan has always kept a close eye on grooming products for the modern male that allow him to look his best in any situation.   He applies his keen experience with these products to providing clear and helpful input to those fashion forward men looking for a little advice.

SKIN TYPE:Combination

HAIR TYPE: Short, thick, wavy

HAIR COLOR: Auburn Brown

COMPLEXION TYPE: Pale and Freckled.


BEAUTY ADDICTIONS: The One by Dolce & Gabana, Recover Bao-Balm Lip Therapy by Organic Male, Gillette Mach3 Sensative Razor, American Crew Defining Paste


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