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Tame Bad Hair w/ These 3 Products! PLUS A Man's Review on His Skin Transformation!

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Its no secret I have dry, course, naturally curly hair.  Instead of complaining about the frizz, I am constantly on the hunt for great products I can use to mask my dry, course hair, and turn my curls into soft masses of beautiful ringlets.  I have found a few products which work, but tend to still have to rely on a curling iron to touch up the last of the frizzies.  Now I have a dynamic trio in the form of Matrix Biolage Smooth Proof Leave-In Cream, Herbal Essence Hydralicious Shampoo and Herbal Essence Hydralicious Shampoo Conditioner.

Herbal Essences Hydra DamageCNSH


Herbal Essence Hydralicious Shampoo and Conditioner is the coolest looking product EVER!  I love purple, so I was immediately attracted to the cool bright purple swirl of these two products.  Super rich with Shea Butter, this shampoo and conditioner duo is perfect for combating the dryness which causes my hair to look dull, course and frizzy.  This shampoo and conditioner is super moisturizing, and of course, like all of the Herbal Essence products smells AMAZING!! My hair was left soft and manageable.

Matrix Biolage smoothproof leave in cream


Matrix Biolage Smooth Proof Leave-In Cream is the perfect accompaniment to Herbal Essence Hydralicious Shampoo and Conditioner, especially for a girl like me, with my dry hair.  Specially formulated for frizzy hair, Smooth Proof provides humidity control and anti-frizz smoothness.  I love this leave-in cream, it did a great job controlling my frizz, and was great at providing an anti-static barrier.  My fly-aways were no more and my tangles melted away.  After washing with Herbal Essence Hydralicious Shampoo, conditioning with Herbal Essence Hydralicious Conditioner, and using Matrix Biolage Smooth Proof Leave-In Cream in my towel dried hair, I didn’t even need to use a styling product, my curls were nourished, moisturized, and frizz was successfully managed. 



* I gave my man, Wayne, Miracle Skin Transformer Acne Control by Sarah McNamera and X-Out to test out for himself. 

Here is his review!


Miracle skin transformer acne controlI recently had the opportunity to try a couple of acne treatment products.  The first one was called Miracle Skin Transformer Acne Control by Sarah McNamera.  It was a tinted skin enhancer (Light)  that claims to prevent breakouts, control shine, even skin tone, and refine pores. 

Although I’m a 33 year old adult male, I occasionally have a couple of acne areas breakout on my face, typically when I let my beard grow out.  I usually don’t treat it except by washing my face and waiting the customary 4 to 6 days for it to clear up on its own.  Having the opportunity to use a product like this was intriguing.

I applied the Miracle Skin Transformer directly to the affected area.  I’m light skinned so the product I was using was appropriate for my skin tone.  It went on super easy.  I really appreciated the cover up ability of the product.  It quite literally took away the appearance of acne.  No more redness, no more unsightly bumps. 

The best part was how this product really dried up the acne.  It seemed to stop it in its tracks.  After three applications over the course of about 24 hours I was able to discontinue use.  My acne had cleared up and my face was back to normal.  I didn’t have to feel self-conscious going out in public!X out washin treatment

The second product that I tried was more of a daily regimen.  It was called X-Out, a wash-in treatment by the makers of Proactiv.  It is a benzoyl peroxide acne treatment.  It is an easy to apply foam.  I started using it once a day for about a week.  My skin seemed to react well to it.  I did not get any further breakouts while using it.  I even grew out a little beard just to tempt fate.  Nothing!  No breakouts...that is a win if you ask me.  I researched both products online.  Other reviews seemed to back up the experience that I had.  They often received 5 stars. 

Check them out! 


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