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Parker pen in boxI'll admit, I still like to write letters. It's a bit old school but I feel that it's more personable and interesting than an email or message on Facebook. Writing a letter is like writing in a journal, but sharing your stories, thoughts, and hopes with another person. I feel more connected to someone when I see their handwriting in a letter. Handwriting can be very telling. You can see if they rushed, are frustrated, or kept their penmanship calm and smooth reflecting their mood and state of mind. Having a nice pen, also helps letter writing become a more pleasant, calming, ritual. With a nice pen, you'll want to sit down, reflect and write a lovely letter to your Grandmother, or a loved one far away. Also, don't you feel like your handwriting looks better with a finer quality pen? I'm pretty picky with my pens. I like fountain pens that have a good amount of weight to them. I usually like my handwriting the best with this type of pen - although it also depends on the type of paper I am using. I sound like a writing snob! But honestly, we all have quirky preferences that make us just a little bit happier :)

Parker Pen Gold

So when the Parker Pen came into the office, I was just itching to try it out! When I finally got my hands on it, I didn't want to stop using it! I've had the pleasure of trying out the Parker Ingenuity Pen with Parker 5th Technology. Not only does it look great, it has some pretty cool technology. The Parker 5th Technology will adapt to your writing style to allow for a smoother writing experience! I was never aware of this technology before trying this Parker Pen, but I'm loving it! It writes as it should; smooth, clean, and effortlessly beautiful. I also liked my handwriting with this pen, which was not a surprise due to the features this pen offers! The weight (nice and heavy), color, design and details make this a great pen to look at and write with. I will definitely be writing more letters with this pen! Now I just need to find the time...

If you like a worthy pen, want to feel like a fancy executive, or an inspired writer, Parker Pens have many collections, finishes, ink colors, and designs. These luxury pens range from $20-$590. I'm sure you will enjoy one as much as I do!


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