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The secret is out...and it's F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.!
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We are into the fall. There may still be a few warmer days left, but it won't be long before the cooler days are here to stay. I'm not too upset. I love most things fall (fashion, sweaters, comfy socks, hats, scarves, apple picking, pumpkins, warm get the picture). It's not until the end of fall and the bare winter months set in that I get peeved with the weather. Fall beauty is also something to relish in; rich makeup colors and textures, products that wrap your skin in soothing formulations, hairstyles that just wouldn't work in the summer, etc. 

My hair tends to be on the frizzy, coarse (annoying) side. I usually straighten or curl my hair in order to smooth out those stubborn coarse pieces. But in the summer, it's usually too hot and humid to 1) deal with the heat from the styling tools 2) for the hair style to stay flawless through the humidity and not return to it's puffed up, messy state. But when the fall comes, I can style my hair and have it stay!

U Color mask and lotionI have been going through a routine of use certain products that definitely have helped the health and style of my hair so far. The first product you'll want to pick up and use this fall is a hair mask. Help keep your hair smooth and nourished with a treatment once a week. I've been using U Renew Deep Treatment Masque by U Color formulated with Rooibos Tea.  As with other U Color products, this masque will protect and preserve your color treated hair. But it will also moisturize, strengthen, help repair damaged hair and split ends. This masque is easy and will not take too much time; simply apply to wet hair, leave on 10-20 minutes, and rinse out thoroughly. I also looooved the scent. It's that powdery clean that I love so much, don't know why but I do. 

If I wanted to blow dry and style my hair after using the masque, I then used the U Style Blow Dry Styling Lotion by U Color. In addition to protecting color, this styling lotion conditions, smooths, and adds shine to your hair. It also reduces blow-dry time, protects your hair from heat damage, protects your style from humidity, and will help define curls! As I style my hair more often in the fall, it is really important for me to use a lotion like this to help with my hair texture and protect my color treated hair. This lotion did not weigh down my hair at all, and it absorbed really well. It also has a clean scent (perhaps a hint of citrus?). When I blow-dried my hair, it felt protected and did not turn into a frizz-fried mess. 

Philip B Russian Amber Mousse Fall BeautyI addition to the U Style Blow Dry Styling Lotion, I also added Philip B Russian Amber Imperial Volumizing Mousse to my hair before drying it. And I loved it! My natural hair texture doesn't normally have volume issues (being thick and wavy/curly) but I recently had a smoothing treatment done so my hair has been a little more flat than I'm used to. This mousse came in handy to give my hair that extra oomph. It added fullness and glossy shine. But this mousse has another special talent...the Pure Russian Amber scent works as a hair perfume! Not only will your hair look great, but it will be scented perfectly. Just give your hair a toss, and the amber scent will catch the attention of whoever's around you ;) 

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