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The secret is out...and it's F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.!
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Valentine's day has come and gone but why not get a "just because" gift for your special man. We must not forget to honor and show our love to our men as well. One of the greatest gifts to get your guy is a nice shaving kit (its like a gift for yourself as well -  a well-groomed, delicious smelling man is always appreciated). I gifted my wonderful guy a J. Paul Anti-Aging Skin Care Kit (MSRP $88), and asked him for his 2 cents, which I share with you here:
J Paul resized
"I recently had the opportunity to try a new multi-step shaving process. The product was by J.Paul and was called “Anti-aging 
Daily Defense Shave Kit.” The four piece kit included a five blade travel razor, glide shave cream, ice aftershave, and a daily defense cream. All of them came in a nice leather, on-the-go kit. 
Personally I am not a fan of shaving with creams. For my money, shave gels and foams typically work better. However, the Glide Shave Cream with Aloe and Jojoba is top notch with a great ingredient base. J. Paul claims that this creme is the backbone of this line providing the closest shave possible while eliminating painful razor burn and ingrown hairs. After trying it for myself, I can’t disagree with any of their claims. It provided a very satisfactory shaving experience. 
The Alcohol Free Ice Aftershave was by far my favorite part of this kit. Far and away the best aftershave product I've ever used. J. Paul claims that this product is the result of groundbreaking research that utilizes a bio-available form of Vit. C, moisturizers, oil absorbing clay's, and of course menthol which provides the “Ice” part of this product. It certainly left my skin feeling soothed and calm. I also appreciated the scent of the product. It was a manly smell that was different and refreshing. 
The wild card in this kit comes from the high end moisturizer. It is said to contain PT3 which is a revolutionary bioactive complex that reduces protein oxidation while stimulating protein repairing enzymes. It is combined with amino acids and vitamins A, C and E to help hydrate the skin. This does seem to be a highly effective daily moisturizer. Again the scent is pleasing and the application smooth and easy.
I enjoyed these products. It was a simple regimen but also highly effective." The perfect combination for the busy guy in your life!
Some Ingredients that stood out to the Certified Fabulous Team:
Vit A resized
Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A) - stimulates cell growth, increases enzyme activity and normalizes cell division.  Vitamin A counteracts the skin aging process and improve the appearance of UV-damaged skin.
 Vit c 2 resized

Sodium Asorbate (Vitamin C) - As an antioxidant, vitamin C scavenges and destroys reactive oxidizing agents and other free radicals.  Vitamin C improves skins elasticity, decreases wrinkles by stimulating collagen synthesis, reduces redness and promotes healing.
 Vitamin E new
Tocopherol (Vitamin E)- is an amazing antioxidant, it protects cells against free radical damage and prevents the peroxidation of body fats. Vitamin E improves the elasticity and smoothness of the skin  and has excellent moisturizing properties.


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Get ready for the sun safely!!! Supergoop!: City and Sand Sunscreen Travel Tote

They have so many fantastic products for you to choose from, this Travel Kit includes 4 great products… all my favorites. 

This brand is great!!! They have an antioxidant SPF 40 day cream, love this one!!! The Supergoop!: City and Sand Sunscreen Travel Tote includes: 

Supergoop Travel Kit 12.12.13 Certified Fabulous

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Has this ever happened to you?

Your watching TV at home and your cell rings. It's the girls and they last minute decided to go out. Not having seen them in awhile you excitedly jump from the couch to grab your shoes. As you pass a mirror you stop. You're in sweats and that bun you put up hours ago is now being used as a bird's nest. Uh-oh. Now what?

No need to fear! Quick, grab a pair of jeans, a sparkily top, take out the bun and run your fingers Majic Eye Kit Certified Fabulousthrough your hair for a sexy messy look, and grab your Eye Majic Kit! The kit contains an Eye Majic Eye Shadow, a mini eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, and a lip liner, all in a small plastic case that can easily fit in even the smallest of handbags. It's the perfect kit to throw on in the back of a cab or in your car five minutes before you join the fun!

Eye Majic are amazing little applicators that have a complete eye look ready to go!

pearl 01 majic eye certified fabulousJust press against your eyelid, and pull to the side. The eye color is designed to perfectly hit your upper, middle and lower eye lids. Blend a tiny bit (not much needed!) and it looks like you are an eye shadow artist! And again, it takes seconds!

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