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The secret is out...and it's F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.!
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Summer is the time that many of us indulge in traveling and or family vacations. This is the time of year we enjoy soaking up the sunshine and playing outside. Sometimes packing for these getaways can be a pain especially if you are flying you might not be able to bring your favorite skincare products with you if they are not the right size. The Certified Fabulous team recently tried some fabulous travel friendly/must have summer travel products.

  • Elemental Herbology Oil Control Starter Kit
    For Oily skin an amazing kit to use while traveling is Elemental Herbology Oil Control Starter Kit. All of the packaging is 25ml or under, so you can bring the kit right along with you even if you are flying. The products contain nutrient-rich, anti-inflammatory foaming cleanser, daily moisturizer, purifying mask and exfoliating peel. If traveling to a humid environment this is a must have kit. There are some amazing ingredients in these products like Amazonian Clay, Kombuchka, Tea Tree Oil and much more. That will leave your skin feeling soft, replenished and smooth. This kit is beautiful packaged and will leave your skin feeling fresh, clean and moisturized no matter where you decide to go on your trip. The kit is available at for $72.00.
  • Bioelements Travel Light Kit for Combination Skin
    bioelementstravel Bioelements offers several travel TSA friendly kits for dry skin, oily or combination skin. Bioelements has a variety of beautifully formulated products The kit includes a cleanser, toner, exfoliator, hydrator and anti-aging product. You will find these products will last beyond a long weekend and will not take up much space in your luggage. At $37 this is also a great way to try a few of their products to figure out which ones would work best in your skincare routine. Whatever your skin type you can be certain these will leave your skin feeling clean, moisturized and youthful. Bioelements products can be found at

  • Kiss My Face SPF

    When your traveling do not forget to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the beautiful sun. Kiss My Face Cool Sport for Face sun SPF 30 2oz is perfect to travel with and will protect your skin from harmful UV rays and is resistant to water and sweat for up to 80 minutes. The sunscreen absorbs nicely and leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized. The  Kiss My Face brand is a beautifully formulated natural products that is dedicated to giving you top notch products naturally.  If you do not need to worry about being TSA friendly they also have the Kiss My Face 50 Cool Sport Spray which is also water resistant for 40 min and comes in a spray that is fast drying. This will protect you from UVA and UVB rays. You can find both of these on

  • Avene Thermal Spring Water
    Avene Thermal Spring Water 300ml
    While enjoying the hot sun it is imporatnt to keep hydrated along with keeping your skin cool and moisturized. A fabulous product to have if you are traveling to a humid place is Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray it is available in a covenant TSA friendly 50ml or if you are traveling other than by plane there is a 300ml. This is ideal for sensitive skin and will help sooth redness associated with inflammation, calm itching so it is ideal for a tropical environment where you might get bug bites. When you feel like you might be overheating this product feels amazing and can quickly cool you down in just a few sprays. You can find this Spray at

  • Soften Her
    Bringing a hair removal tool with you is a must. A great product that can be kept right in your purse is the Soften Her. It is a tool that will keep your legs, underarms, and bikini area free of skin irritations and sharp stubble. It is a hypoallergenic pad that exfoliates dead skin cells that build up and can cause ingrown hair or razor bumps. It will leave your freshly shaven skin smooth and blemish free. It also works great to get rid of stubble that you notice coming through a few days after a shave or that pesky spot you missed. The Soften Her pad is simple and quick to use. Just place index and middle fingers under the strap and gently press Soften Her to clean skin. Using a circular motion proceed in a clockwise and then counter-clockwise motion against the hair for approximately 30 seconds. You can purchase the Soften Her pads at

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The LAY/N/GO Cosmo (20")

Do you travel a lot? I do… Do you share your bathroom with at least one other person? I do… So when my friend gave me a lay/n/go, I was really excited. This cosmetics bag is amazing! 

lay and go bag

I do not know about you, but when I travel to any hotel, I do not like my personal belongings (my skin care, make-up or especially my tooth brush) to touch the vanity in the hotel bathroom.  The lay/n/go is quick and easy solution, you throw all of your products into the bag, pull the cord and go.  The bag has a lip on it so when you open it up, all of your belongings do not tumble everywhere. I recently found out, the lay/n/go is available in different sizes, small to X-Large… no more legos all over my floor (man, legos hurt when you step on them).

Did I mention the best Parts? 

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  • HALO 3000 mAh Portable Phone Charger Green Chevron certified fabulous QVC

    HALO 3000 mAh Portable Phone Charger with Accessories & Gift Box

    Ready for anything. The HALO Starlight 3,000 mAh portable charger with a built-in LED flashlight helps to keep your portable electronics powered up and ready to use on the go, and provides a convenient light source when you need it to make it an essential travel companion.

    Rest easy knowing your electronic essentials have backup power if you need it. And the built-in flashlight is ready to go if you need to locate items in your handbag, find change in your car, or even change a tire in the dark. Plus, in case of emergencies, the unit can also flash an SOS signal.

    What's in the box? HALO 3000 mAh Starlight portable charger; matching gift box; 4-in-1 charging cable with USB on one end and 30-pin, lightning, micro USB and USB connectors on other; and AC wall adapter. Charges mobile phones, gaming systems, Bluetooth devices, cameras, and more!

    This device SERIOUSLY comes in handy when traveling, but also while at home. I leave my iPhone charger in the living room so if I am going to bed and worry about my battery dying overnight (my phone is also my alarm clock) then I will plug in my iPhone to the HALO and my alarm wakes my up as scheduled and my phone is 100%

  • hello breath spray certified fabulous beauty travel fresh reviewhello: breath spray

    Get the perfect dose of freshness when you’re out and about. No alcohol, no ouch, and no worries.

    3 flavors: Supermint, Mojito Mint & Pink Grapefruit Mint

    Gum is out if you want fresh breath with out the annoying chewing on a date or during a meeting. Breath spray is back and cooler than ever with these hello sprays! They are tiny and fit in most any purse or pocket. It takes a second to freshen your breath and give you confidnece that lasts. I never go anywhere without this little guy! Yum! 

  • London SOHO new york travel bag - funktionally fun double zip bag certified fabulous
    SOHO Sweet Shop Double Zip Pull Apart Beauty Case

    Eye candy for your travel essentials. Dainty mint green and black stripes, popped with polka dot trim. The tri fold over clutch is great for organizing your beauty essentials in style. It's got a main zip pouch, brush holder and even a mirror. The magnetic-snap closure keeps it all together, making it super convenient for grab and go.

    Waterproof and stylish! I love taking this with me for my bath essentials that fit TSA friendly sized bottles or if I am going on a weekend getaway it's easy to put all of my makeup in it! Versatile, flexible and can hold a lot of items making it the ideal go-to travel bag :) 
  • London SOHO natural 6 piece fresh face brush setSOHO Natural 6-Piece Fresh Face Brush Set

    Everything you need to create a naturally beautiful look!

    Bamboo handle
    Cruelty-free nylon bristles
    Recycled packaging

    foundation brush
    highlighter brush
    all-over eyeshadow brush
    angled eyeliner brush
    brush pouch

    I took these to a wedding I was in and they worked out flawlessly. Everyone in the wedding party wanted their makeup done and these brushes were very much needed and used! Eveyone was able to easily use them on themselves or to apply on someone else. Perfect for the makeup artist or the average every day person putting on their daily makeup :) Awesome addition to my brush collection (which was only 2 brushes before). Most important lesson...CLEAN YOUR BRUSHES...and make sure the cleaner you use is compatable with the nylon bristles.

  • Finger Paints nail color - Primitively Posh - Pink Imagination - Blank Canvas Cream sally beauty certified fabulousFingerPaints Tiffany Imposter
    • Intense color
    • Spectacular shine
    • One-coat application
    • Supreme durability, longer wear
    • New brush designed to work with the formula for a smooth application

    FingerPaints is state-of-the-art, salon-quality, super-high-shine nail color that allows you to create professionally finished nails at home. The best-quality, most innovative formula available on the market, it goes on beautifully, wears like iron, and gives you unbelievably high gloss that goes on and on.

    It comes in over 90 stylishly saturated shades that cover completely in just one coat, provide exceptional wear, resist fading, and let you change your look as often as you change your mind.

    I tried a few of the trending nude colors they offer called Primitively Posh, Pink Imagination & Blank Canvas Cream (pictured) and I loved the look! I depend on these to get me through an entire trip without worry about re-applying or touch-ups! Out it on and carry on when wearing FingerPaints :)

    Find them at Sally Beauty! 
  • Hen House Linens certified fabulous travel essentials cropped
    Hen House Linens
    - in 
    Latticework Aubergine design (pictured above) 

    I am seriously a fan of Hen House Linens! They have the most beautiful colors and designs that can really fit any occasion and look gorgeous! Plus the website is full of great ideas and ways to use the linens that I feel inspired to create the home looks for myself and impress people at a dinner party or cocktail social. When traveling these really make that extra touch of home and that feeling of not eating in the hotel room with plastic utensils and a million paper napkins.  I adore the picture above and it is the perfect idea for the holidays and putting a unique twist with color, I am definitely taking note and stocking up for my holiday party :) 
  • Krigler New York City scented candle juicy jasmine certified fabulous image giftKrigler New York City Scented Candle in Juicy Jasmine combines the charm of the purest jasmine flowers with the fruity tang of orange blossom. The scent is sparkling and spontaneous. I loved the packaging of the candle! It looked very elegant and the cardboard tube made it convenient to take along on any trip to bring home with me. It's also the perfect gift for when you don't know what to buy someone. The candle was not overwhelming with scent but gave off the perfect amount of fragrance throughout and I loved it! I am obsessed with scented candles to begin with so this was an ideal product for me to take me me when I'm away from home.
  • Montagne Jeunesse - 5 mask pamper pack certified fabulousMontagne Jeunesse - Gorgeous Gift Pamper Pack

    This perfect indulgent gift set contains 5 gorgeous masques for some anti-stress, me-time pampering!

    Red Hot Earth Sauna
    Dead Sea Mud Pac
    Very Berry
    Cucumber Peel Off
    Passion Peel Off

    I LOVE taking these with me on trips because it creates an instant spa mode right in my hotel room and I feel relaxed while treating my skin. Through the stress of flying, getting a taxi and being ready for work meetings while away it's always nice to have these skin beautifiers in a convenient single packet! Also, perfect for gifts :) 
  • BIB16
    BIBASQUE: ALLEGRESSE 24K Gold Silhouette Eye Cream

    This cream nourishes the area of the face that shows aging soonest while reducing visible lines. The key is pure gold which , encourages elastin to maintain skin firmness. Gold also helps skin appear revived by absorbing oxygen and reduces blotchy appearance. And Pomegranate Extract’s powerful antioxidants help fight signs of premature aging. Best of all, this unique cream is free from parabens, mineral oil, sodium lauryl sulfate, petroleum and synthetic color.

    Rich gold helps balance skin tone.

    Natural oils and herbal essences hydrate to reduce appearance of wrinkles.

    Plant extracts nourish this delicate facial zone to improve texture.

    When traveling for business or pleasure the one essential I make sure I have is a good eye cream! To me, eyes make the first impression even before someone speaks. I am obsessed about eye creams and when I am out traveling I make sure I am covered day and night to fresh, brighten and tighten my eye area to look awake, rested, refreshed and ready for the day! This BIBASQUE eye cream addresses all of my concerns and keeps me looking my best when I may not be feeling it. I LOVE this product and take it with me on any traveling I do :)

    (PS - they also have amazing hair tools!) 

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