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Rituals Home and Body Cosmetics: Tatsu - Blue Dragon Foaming Shower Gel Sensation

When one thinks about rituals what comes to mind? Ancient sages and warriors reading from mystical tomes around a towering fire? The meticulous hammering and honing of a metal sword that has been folded and shaped over 300 times by a master blacksmith? Or perhaps is a man waking up at dawn to workout, shower, shave and head to the office? All of these are routines in their own right, but its how they are carried out that really makes them rituals. And it is the doing of these modern tasks that the Rituals Home and Body Cosmetics company has inspired to make a zen act with its Tatsu line for men.

Rituals Home and Body Cosmetics Tatsu - Blue Dragon Foaming Shower Gel Sensation men certified fabulous grooming

The Tatsu product that I have had the honor of sampling is the foaming shower gel. On first glance is looks and feels like a shaving gel. It starts as a clear aromatic gel at first, which quickly works into a thick and luxurious lather. With most body washes I have used, the foam or lather is very light and tend to wash away too quickly to do any real cleaning. In contrast, the Rituals shower gel clings to the body and envelops the dirt and grime. Then upon rinsing, the body is left smooth and lightly cologned, thanks to the combination of supple oils and bold cedarwood fragrance.

The fragrance of the gel was an added bonus. One that I did not expect. The scent of the lather is fresh and eye opening while showering, but then it stays with you all day long. I don’t mean in an overpowering, “good god man what are you wearing!? SEX PANTHER!?” kind of way. Rather in a subtle amount as if it were a cologne you used. I can see using this shower gel as both a body wash and as a cologne replacement in my morning routine. Cutting down on time getting ready so I can tackle my day that much sooner.

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