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The secret is out...and it's F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.!
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Spring has come but for many of us, the effects of winter still haven’t subsided. You've probably been suffering from sore, dry, cracked skin and chapped lips. Not to worry though, you’re not alone! Your hands and face seem to be the last of the extremities to recover from winter’s harsh wrath. Well, we have something for you, and they’re fun!

Chap Stick! Tried and true. You've all heard of it, you've all tried it, and maybe it’s just a lip balm that you already enjoy, or maybe you prefer something else. Have you seen all the new flavors that Chap Stick has come out with? I didn't! I was able to test out a couple of them in Pomegranate Gumdrop and Citrus Jelly Bean. Let me tell you just how awesome these are. I've tried many of the flavors they have had out like, Original, Cherry, Strawberry, and even Peppermint, which by the way, burned like crazy! I love peppermint everything… I may actually have a problem.

Chapstick CitrusJellyBean and Pomegranate

Now, I don’t know if Chap Stick has reformulated or added some new ingredients but it seemed as though they were better than the originals. They didn’t have that waxy, sticky, texture or that waxy taste and smell. I still find that there is a funny smell to the Cherry Chap Stick, which is now my former favorite… or tolerable I should say. So Heck Yes! Way to go Chap Stick! I started out with the Pomegranate Gumdrop and instantly felt a difference. Obviously you’re going to feel something when putting it on your lips, but I felt as if it actually moisturized my lips, and not just acted as a protective coating. I felt hydrated and I didn't have to apply as much through out the day. I had a co-pilot working with me on this testing because she suffers from extreme sensitivity on her skin and gets badly chapped lips. She felt a difference right away. We made sure to test opposite flavors, however I did try both. The Citrus Jelly Bean is like a creamsicle. Orangey, creamy, and delicious, it’s hands down my new fave. However, I keep the Pomegranate Gumdrop with me at all times as well. Overall, how well did this product work? If you give it 3 days, which my co-pilot swears by, your lips will feel like new. I will be sure to search the shelves for these when I run out. They rock. You’ll love them!

Next up, I checked out a body lotion by GOA called 5AM WALKOUT. This is a body lotion made with Shea and Green Tea to help perk up those skin cells, it claims to be from 100% of natural ingredients. There is a note on the bottle that warns for a nut allergy. So if you are allergic to nuts you’ll want to steer clear of this little baby. Upon getting a good sniff of the stuff, I noticed more of the lemongrass smell. I love lemongrass. It smelled great and it reminded me of summer and something I’d wear to the beach! It makes for a fantastic body fragrance! It sticks with you all day and night. It’s faint by the next day but it’s still there. We all like to smell great, just look out for that nut allergy!

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