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This week I'd like to share with you a few quick and easy ideas that you can use to help grow your nails.  We all want our nails to look great at the holiday parties right?  You don't have to buy anything to get the look you want!  All you need to do is follow these 4 easy ideas. 

Top 4 ways to grow your finger nails: 

1) Always wear gloves when working with water. This includes washing dishes, cleaning the bathroom, hand washing delicate clothing, and washing the dog. I could keep listing things but I think you get the idea. When your nails are in water they become soft and weak.  Keep your nails as dry as possible. 

 2) Keep your nails trimmed and filed. I keep a nail file in my purse as I never know when I’ll need it. The moment I break a nail the file comes out! If a broken nail is left unfiled, the break just gets worse. My world literally comes to a screeching halt while I file.

 3) Do not “rip” out those hang nails. We have all done it and we've all regretted………. so just don’t do it!! A hang nail needs to be cut. If you “rip” out a hang nail you’re most likely going to get an infection which will slow down the growth of your nail.

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