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The secret is out...and it's F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.!
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For a gorgeous gift this holiday, be sure to check out these beautifully packaged perfume sets!  Scroll through our four must have perfumes for the holiday season and every day!

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Still not sure what to get Dad this Father’s Day? Dad might not be one to experiment with different fragrances but we know how that special scent can give you a confidence boost! So here are some different fragrance options to suit your dad!

The Classic Dad
Guerlain Vetiver Cologne Fathers Day 6.11.13For the dad that carries the classic masculine elegance - Vetiver by Guerlain has a warm, musky scent that is both fresh and woodsy. This suits the man with a traveled wisdom; it’s down-to-earth with a rich ritzy tone. Make dad feel first class with this cologne!

Krigler Hermitage Heritage Certified Fabulous 6.11Another great option for the classic dad - Krigler Hermitage Heritage - this cologne is an intriguing mix of sandalwood, tobacco, black truffles, vetiver, agarwood, cacoa, pink pepper, geranium, nutmeg as well as amber woods, oak moss, black pepper, cedar, and musk. This cologne will also suit the classic dad with its timeless style, and rich luxurious air!

The Sporty Fresh Dad
Polo Ralph Lauren Blue Sport Certified Fabulous 6.11For the dad on the go, Polo Ralph Lauren Blue Sport is potently fresh, clean, and sporty with a hint of citrus and musk for added masculinity. Make the active Dad feel bold and sophisticated with this cologne! I also love the bottle art! It’s clean and refined, just like the fragrance! 

The Understated Dad
Thymes Body Spray 6.11.13For the dad that shies away from strong scents, Thymes Azure Body Water is a “light body spray” with soothing white tea, water lily and sea grass. This scent is much more understated than the other colognes but still has a refreshing, cool fragrance. Show this Dad he can still add a little bit of splendor without being overdone!

But apart from these great fragrances that will make Dad feel like the top of the line allFathers Day Halo Power Pocket 6.11.13 day long, here’s another product that will make those particular on-the-go Dad’s smile…Halo Pocket Power 5500. This is the perfect gift for the travelling dad. This backup battery is small enough to take on the go, and ensures that you can still charge your important small devices (cell phones, tablets, etc.) without needing an outlet! Whether in the car, on a plane, just can’t find an outlet, or even camping, this is great backup power that will help any dad in a pinch! You can find the Halo Pocket Power 5500 at 

Whether your Dad likes the bold and classic, or quiet sophistication, there’s a cologne (or a special gadget) that will make your Dad, Grandfather, Father figure, or any marvelous man in your life feel extra special on Father’s day! 


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