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Keratin Complex Straight Day On-the-Go Kit

Includes: Keratin Enhanced Styling Spray, Color Care Shampoo, Conditioner & Volumizing Shampoo Lift Powder 

Kits are awesome.  Who wouldn’t want a kit which includes manageable sizes of the standard products you use on a regular basis.  We all need to shampoo and condition our hair. Depending on the length, hair type and any other individual need and preference, the frequency one shampoos is a matter of preference.  I myself have curly hair and shampoo on average once every 4 days. A  kit which addresses my needs,  if I so choose to rock straight locks for any given period of time is particularly of interest to me.  Which is why I HAD to try Keratin Complex Straight Day Keratin Enhanced Styling Spray, Color Care Shampoo, Conditioner & and Volumizing Shampoo Lift Powder On the Go Kit.

Keratin Complex on the go kitThis 4 product kit addresses the basic needs required for successful hair straightening.  The number one reason to “go straight” is that although the initial time investment is there, once my hair is straight, the daily styling routine has been simplified enormously. Shampoo and Conditioner are essential, in order to maintain the style, its best to start off clean.  We all know that hair will look better the next day, since the natural oils will infuse the hair, smoothing out the style to a certain extent.  However, thoroughly washing and conditioning hair will allow for longer periods between cleansing.  Keratin Complex Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner, in a generous, although still TSA friendly bottle will last for about 6-8 shampoos.  The Keratin-enriched formula nourishes the hair, and is also sodium chloride free.  Perfect for color treated hair, the gentle cleansing helped to soften and smooth my hair, making it more manageable. The Keratin Complex Conditioner was also amazing, its thick rich formula works with the Keratin Complex Shampoo.  My hair was left soft and smooth after blow drying

Step 2 is Straight Day, Keratin Complex Styling Spray.  It is so important to protect hair when using heat elements on the hair.  The use of a nourishing styling spray will help not only make the task of flat ironing  easier, hair will experience less breakage as a result of the nourishing aspects of the styling product.  Included in this comprehensive kit, this styling spritz is just the product to help avoid damage from heat styling tools.  Keratin Complex Infusion Therapy Straight Day Keratin Enhanced Styling spray is triple action.  The formula contains UV protection. It is also anti humectant, meaning it helps to combat the effects of humidity by repelling moisture form the outer shaft of the hair, which just leads to frizzies.  Used after shampooing, but before blowdrying, extended use of this product resulted in softer, more manageable hair.

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