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I have a soft spot in my heart for PEEPS®. I have always been a fan, and they have always been, hands down, my favorite Easter candy. Imagine my delight when I was given a big beautiful box full of Valentine’s Day PEEPS®!! I know, most women are excited for truffles and chocolates, but I must say, the new Valentine’s Day variety of PEEPS® will surely give the standard box of chocolates a run for some strong competition this Valentine’s Day.

The standard Marshmallow Heart PEEPS® are similar to the standard chicks from the ol’days, except they are pink and heart shaped. I almost went into sugar coma with these as I can’t seem to eat just one, and although there are many people who are partial to leaving PEEPS® open to the air until they get a bit hard. Not me, I love my PEEPS® soft and fresh, which means I usually consume the entire package in one sitting (I could share I guess, but I don’t). These were yummy, and provided me with a delightful sense of PEEPS® nostalgia.

Peeps Hearts 2.3.14

Dark Chocolate covered Raspberry flavored Marshmallow and Milk Chocolate flavored Marshmallow are two new varieties I had never tried before. These two flavors still have the nice crunchy sugary coating of regular peeps with a delightful hint of raspberry flavoring. And I can’t overlook the delicious chocolate coating on the bottom of these PEEPS®...yummy. PEEPS® are also offered in Vanilla Crème and Strawberry flavors as well for Valentine’s Day, Strawberry Crème can also be found dipped in dark chocolate.

My hands-down favorite PEEPS® in the new Valentine’s Day line-up is the Chocolate Mousse flavored Marshmallow Bears. These cute little bears also have the standard crunchy sugary coating which makes PEEPS® so delicious, but these PEEPS® have a very nice, creamy chocolate flavor which I just can’t get enough of. The Chocolate Mousse flavored Marshmallow Bears are just as good as a fine box of truffles in my mind. I loved them so much that I forced myself to share with my two daughters who declared that they love this flavor best of all as well. Mmmmmm, so yummy :)

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