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The secret is out...and it's F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.!
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Most of us use all types of nail polish. From the ones we pick up at CVS to our higher-end brand purchases. You can easily become obsessed with nail polishes as you can buy and change your nail style quite easily. Not to say painting your nails is all easy – you have to attend to chips and breaks, multiple coats, quality of color, etc. But the nail polish you use can also affect the health of your nails, sometimes contributing to nail discoloration and brittleness.

If you are noticing such changes in your nails, you might want to switch up the polish that you are using. To what you say? Well let me introduce to you Dr.’s Remedy Enriched Nail Care

Drs Remedy Soothing Slate 1.5.14 Certified FabulousNow this really is a “Dr.’s Remedy” as two board certified & practicing podiatric surgeons (Dr. Adam Cirlincione & Dr. William Spielfogel) founded Dr.’s Remedy ( As practicing podiatrists they found that patients were coming to them with brittle and discolored nails, often associated with harsh chemicals found in nail polish ( Thus, they founded Dr.’s Remedy Enriched Nail Care to address such concerns.

Infused in each of their products, is a special blend of ingredients that includes: wheat protein, tea tree oil, garlic bulb extract, lavender, and Vitamins C and E. With the vitamins & protein (which help with nail discoloration) and the naturally occurring anti-fungal ingredients, Dr.’s Remedy provides a healthier and safer nail polish.

Drs Remedy Nurture Nude Pink 1.5.14 Certified FabulousDr.'s Remedy Nail Polishes retail at $17.00 and there are 30 different shades to choose from, along with a few other nail care products. What's also a little different about this nail polish is the names of the shades; they use wellness words to inspire and empower you to feel good about yourself and your nails. Who couldn't use a little inspiration? I tried two colors, Dr.'s Remedy Soothing Slate & Dr.'s Remedy Nurture Nude Pink. Both shades went on smooth and with good coverage. It took me 2 coats to get the color I wanted, but the dry time was quick compared to other polishes, and once again, the polish was very smooth making it easier to apply multiple coats. The Soothing Slate had a rather metalic touch to it, while the Nurture Nude Pink was a glossy neutral - so with 30 shades to choose from, you should be able to find color and finish you like in no time!

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