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The secret is out...and it's F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.!
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Primavera Hand & Nail Cream is the secret to keeping your cuticles soft. When I wrote the blog on how 04192013 Primavera Hand and Nail Cream Certified Fabulousto improve the appearance of cuticles, I mentioned the need to keep your cuticles hydrated. Primavera Hand & Nail Cream does a fantastic job keeping my cuticles looking their best.  I keep a tube on my night stand and use it every evening. I dab a bit of cream on each cuticle and just gently massage in. This cream works wonders.

The essential Ginger and Lime oils leave your hands feeling energized and refreshed. The scent is just delightful! The Jojoba oil works well as a moisturizer to help soften cuticles. Primavera is 100% natural with no animal testing. 

I liked that the cream absorbes quickly and there's no greasy feeling. The overall results are fantastic! 

Remember take time to enjoy life!

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  • Grayce
    Grayce says #
    I love this hand & nail cream thanks for the heads up
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 Hello Friends and welcome to Friday! 

Demi moore

This week we've been talking about hair treatments and how to fight off Old Man Winter from destroying your precious locks. Who says you can't have beautiful Rapunzel like hair in the middle of winter?  The first image that popped in my head was Demi Moore from a few years ago, when her hair was super long and super healthy.  All of the media and fashion industry wanted to know what her secret weapon was.  Obviously she'd come a long way since GI Jane!

As I've mentioned before, I push my hair to the limit and yes, there are days when i know it hates me and refuses to cooperate.  Thank God beenies and knit caps are in!  My hair is thin and long, but I refuse to give in and let it get out of control and nasty.  One trick I learned from my hair angel, is before I put my board in the water, is slather on a hair mask to the ends.  She says that it seals the ends and stops the salt water from getting in and drying them out.  So what's my weapon of choice?  well... it's Obliphica Treatment Hair Mask.  I love this stuff.  Not only does it smell delicious, but it leaves my hair so soft and healthy, you'd never know the abuse I put my hair thru.

hair mask 12.7I know that as a single mom I will use the excuse from time to time, "I don't have the time to (fill in the blank)."  Especially when it comes to beauty treatments.  It's not like I can go to the grocery store with a detox mask on my face... although funny, probably not completely socially acceptable.  But one of the great things about a hair mask, is you can rock an up bun (think Kim Kardashian or Jenny Lopez) at work all day and no one will know you've had a hair mask in.  Score!  No excuses for healthy, happy hair!

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