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October has proven to be an eventful month. October is always a busy time, the fall schedule is in full swing. My mother has a birthday, one I MUST remember the date and celebrate, after all, if it weren’t for her, there would be no me. I crashed my car (Im ok, my poor SUV however, was not so lucky), and bought a new one (love my puurrrty new ride).

October is also, of course, Halloween. I enjoy Halloween because my children enjoy it. I never buy my girls costumes, and allow them to think of something, offering help when I can. This year was easy, the younger wants to be a spy (think black jacket, black pants, black boots), and the other a Game Warden (think tan/muddy green jacket and pants) with a North Woods Law badge replica. Costumes procured, the excitement just builds as people in my neighborhood dress their houses up with the same vigor most save for Christmas. Although instead of reindeer and colored lights, there are smoke machines, “dead bodies” , headstones, and in one instance Biohazard tape and Quarantine signs (in honor of Ebola, ugh).



Illamasqua Nail Varnish- Malange & Illamasqua Sheer Lip Gloss- ExquisiteIllamasqua Nail Varnish and lip shine

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Posted by on in TRENDING

2 Easy Halloween Makeup Looks

Until next time...Keep On Being Beautiful You!


xxoo Jessica

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    Stephen Dresty says #
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Posted by on in Product Reviews

I always want to go all out for Halloween, but it sneaks up on me. I think of outfits, look for something inspiring on the web and Pinterest, get all excited, but before I know it, it's the day before my Halloween celebrations and I've got nothing. I don't like to buy a full on costume from Halloween stores, because I want to be able to use most of my outfit again. Plus most costumes cost far to much for one night in my opinion. So the night before, I find myself at the mall, usually at Forever 21, looking for something that inspires a Halloween-esq outfit. These past two years, my outfits have started with a sweater. It might be my new tradition - Halloween sweaters. Let me tell you, they are awesome. Not only will they keep you warm while you're out on the town, but you can create some pretty styling outfits. If you're looking for a last minute Halloween outfit, a sweater might just help you get there. Let me explain...

This year, I was at the mall looking for something to wear for my Halloween festivities the next day. I went to Forever 21 looking for a "Sandy from Grease" inspired outfit, but I didn't find anything I liked. I had some pieces that I could work with at home for the outfit, but I wasn't feeling it. Plus all I could think of is how cold I'll be - I get cold really easily, and I live in Maine...Anyways, coming up short in Forever 21, I thought I could just put together a Flapper outfit last minute, throw on a lot of jewels over a dress with this beaded headband that I have. It would work, but I would be cold and I've been a Flapper before so it wasn't that exciting. By this time I had moved to H&M to pick up some tights, and as I was leaving the store, I spotted this black, fuzzy, glorious sweater! If I really like a clothing item, I get really exited, and I was excited. I tried it on, and it was like wearing a blanket! It was perfect - basic, warm, and a little different. Immediately I knew I had my outfit! I would be a black cat. Now a black cat, you must be thinking seriously? That's so typical. But with this sweater, I was excited. It's just that awesome. My outfit came together easily, I wore high-rise shorts over black tights, black booties, a lovely necklace from Shabby Apple that worked as a pretty kitty collar, and picked up some cat ears at the local Halloween store. Done!

Halloween Cat Outfit Double

The necklace, sweater, and cat ears pictures above are the exact items that I used. The other items are similar to the ones I had at home. A black cat is a great last minute outfit, just wear all black and buy some cat ears. I could have made this outfit come together without the sweater, but I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much. I want to be excited about my Halloween outfit, and this sweater made it happen!

Last year, the scenario was very similar, I was in Forever 21 the day before Halloween and I found this beyond awesome monster face sweater. This sweater also immediately inspired my outfit and I was very excited about it. This might become tradition... With the monster sweater, I simply bought blue tights at Forever 21 along with high rise blue shorts. I then bought temporary blue hair dye and sprayed my hair blue. I still wear that sweater and it was a lot of fun putting together this random monster outfit! Pictured below are some similar items, and the exact Monster sweater from my outfit. 

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  • Nathan Horn
    Nathan Horn says #
    The best part about these outfits is definitely the combination of WARM and CUTE! Halloween in Maine is cold enough that looking
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