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The secret is out...and it's F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.!
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This week Certified Fabulous writers will be discussing products from Vine Vera! I will be starting off the week with a gommage - Vine Vera Resveratrol Merlot Refining Peeling. Last week Jessica reviewed OROGOLDS 24k Multi-Vitamin Deep Peeling and explained what a gommage is/what it does for your skin. Be sure to check out her article HERE!

VineVera Resveratrol Refining Peeling 7.27.13 Certified FabulousBefore trying Vine Vera's gommage, and reading Jessica's article, I had no idea what a gommage was and therefore, I had no expectations. However  after I tried it I am hooked on gommage! The Vine Vera Resveratrol Merlot Refining Peeling rids your skin of build up (oils, dirt, etc.) without stripping your skin of the moisture and oils. It's not the prettiest process, but it is fascinating to see it work immediately! I apply the product (it's like a gel consistency) to my cleansed face and massage it in circular motions until it collects and sloughs off the buildup/dead skin. It is not irritating or rough in any way, and I was amazed at how well it cleansed my skin and my pores! I had no idea I had so much buildup, but I could immediately see the difference once I rinsed it all off with cool water. I wanted to use it again immediately and again the next day! However, it is directed to use only once or twice a week, so don't go overboard and irritate your skin.

The scent in this product isn't very strong or fragrant, so if you like products that don't have a strong perfume scent, this might be a good one for you. But if you're looking for something with a little more fragrance, I would look a little further. Besides the preference of scent, I was amazed at how well this product worked!  

You can buy Vine Vera Resveratrol Merlot Refining Peeling for $146.00

Vine Vera Save Option 7.22.13 Certified FabulousIf you're looking for a more affordable gommage option, check out Yves Saint Laurent Gommage Natural Action Exfoliator for $44.00. I haven't personally tried this gommage, but it might be a good one to check out! 

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Sadly, today ends the OROGOLD Cosmetics week and I had the opportunity to experience one more product from the fabulous collection! 

OROGOLD exclusive 24K Multi-Vitamin Deep Peeling was a product I picked up from the variety we were given and I was under the impression it was a serum mask that I would leave on and either peel off or wash off after so much time of having it on. I was way wrong! It actually worked like an exfoliator...but not just any harsh scrubbing kind or rough feeling type...a gommage. 

What is a gommage? The only reason I know the answer to this is because I was introduced to a gommage about a year ago at a trade show and I was amazed by how uncommon they really are! A gommage, which means "scrub" in French, is a gentler kind of exfoliator. A cream (or sometimes paste) that is applied to the face and/or body that is massaged away. The rubbing action of the massage gently helps slough off dead skin cells, and is less aggressive than most other exfoliators.

Orogold 24K Brightening PeelThe OROGOLD 24 K Muti-Vitamin Deep Peeling specifically contains added beneficial ingredients such as multi-vitamins E, A, C B and Pro-B5, as well as antioxidants. Of course, such as the name suggests, they add their pure 24K gold (flecks that you can see!), which is backed by the authentication certificate included with the products. Gold from Italy! I LOVE Italy...*day dreaming*...

I applied this to my clean, dry face and started to massage one area until it pilled up on my face. It feels like balled up skin exfoliating and you know for sure when it is working and when it is done! I then rinsed the residue off with cool water and VOILA!  "Très belle" skin!  There was no irritation or pain and my skin was smooth and soft! It was left in perfect condition to soak up my serum effectively and it looked and felt so clean and refreshed.

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    I just purchased the peel as well. I find it to be fabulous. I love the way you can see the dirt just roll away. Made my face f
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