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The secret is out...and it's F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.!
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Like most manly men in the work force today I have the daily task of keeping my man-beard in check. A close shave is important to keep myself looking professional in the office. Which is why I was happy to see a Gillette razor and shaving gel in my box of products to test.

We all have our rituals for shaving. Mine consisted of cursing at my razor as it shredded my face for many years. Eventually I switched to an electric alternative, so I wouldn’t have to walk around with toilet paper stuck to my face every morning. The trade off was a less then close shave and dealing with loud buzzing every morning. Gillette has brought me back to the simplicity of blade shaving with these two products.

The Proglide Sensitive Skin Shaving GelGillette Proglide Shaving Cream Certified Fabulous 6.10 is a shaving product that lives up to its name. This gel has a rich sent without being overpowering during the shave. It also produced a large amount of thick lather from a very small amount of gel. The first time I tried it I put the same amount of gel in my hand as I would shaving cream…. And I could have shaved my entire body with the volume of lather it produced. I can see this product saving me money by lasting longer then regular creams.

The Mach3 Sensitive Skin RazorGillette Mach3 Sensitive Razor Certified Fabulous 6.10 uses a single AAA battery to quietly massage your face while you shave. I have had bad luck in the past with multi blade razors biting into my skin, but while using it I found that it traveled smoothly across my face and left no cuts at all. I noticed almost no irritation, which is saying something for a man with sensitive skin. All and all, it was a great shave experience. One that I have been enjoying regularly since I received the products. :)

While testing these products, I even went so far in my testing to try shaving after a few days of man-beard growing. The Mach3’s vibrating blades managed to bite into the long beard without mangling my skin! And the gel left my face soft and mildly cologned. I was impressed! Gillette delivers a razor strong enough for heavy stubble and supple enough for my sensitive skin. This is definitely a worthy razor for any man’s medicine cabinet and would make an excellent gift this Father’s Day.

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