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The secret is out...and it's F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.!
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The weather's warmer, you're getting more active, why not push yourself even further and really start to feel good about your activity level. It's not easy to do on your own, and there's always the "I'll do it tomorrow" excuse that prevents you from really maintaining an active lifestyle. But if you have Fitbit, today counts for today and there's no putting it off. I recently got a Fitbit and I love it! I never really knew why they had become so popular, and I sort of viewed them as a fad that would blow over and onto the next fitness device. But I think this one will be around for a while and I certainly plan on using it for a good amount of time. 

So what is Fitbit? Fitbit has a handful of advanced products that will track your activity level and your sleep. I currently have the Fitbit Flex - wireless activity tracker & sleep wristband. This slim wristband tracks your steps, distance, calories burned during the day, active minutes,  and will track the hours you sleep and your sleep quality during the night. I sync my Fitbit to my phone (just download the app and follow the steps to set up), so that I can check my progress throughout the day. I can also sign in and check my stats on

This little wristband holds me accountable - if I don't do anything active that day, it will reflect. But if I reach my daily steps, it will provide a celebratory buzz & light up, letting me know I've reached my goals for the day. Wear it everyday and you can gain a good sense of your activity level. I work in an office setting, and am mostly at my computer during the day, so I wasn't getting a lot of steps. I knew that my activity level was low, but to see it reflected in the counts of steps and even in a graph, made me really push myself to get out for a walk or run after work to get closer to my daily goals. I knew that I should be doing some type of physical activity after work, but nothing was really pushing me to do so. Now I check my steps every day and actually want to reach my goals. I get competitive, even with myself and this little tracker. I want to do better and see my steps count up, raise my activity level and burn more calories. And the only way to increase those numbers, if by being active!

I find the Fitbit Flex to be very motivating. You are working with and against yourself. I always want to do better than the day before, and even if that doesn't happen, it pushes me to work harder for the days to come. Fitbit also awards you with daily, weekly or lifetime achievements. When you reach a new goal, you are awarded with a badge! Just another way to recognize your hard work! And if you're really competitive, you can share and compete with friends. You can compare stats and see how you rank against friends in the number of steps. 

Fitbit Flex will also track your sleep and sleep quality. Wear it throughout the night and it will track the number of times you Fit bit blueare restless and the times you are awake. It gives you a good understanding of how well/poorly you sleep, and you can make your own adjustments to sleep better. For me, I always thought I was getting a good 8 hours - which I really need to function well the next day - but my Fitbit was showing me that I usually get seven and a half hours, due to the number of times I wake up and am restless. Another great aspect: you can set silent alarms! The Fitbit will gently buzz to wake you up. I hate alarm clocks and I hate waking up, but with the silent alarm, I wasn't startled by a loud alarm, and I woke up every time I used the silent alarm feature.

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