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The secret is out...and it's F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.!
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Karin Herzog - World Leader in Oxygen Skincare. What is oxygen skincare? Well to start, Doctor Paul Herzog was the first scientist to successfully stabilize active oxygen. This "propels essential nutrients to the collagen producing cells" (Karin Herzog). Doctor Paul Herzog and his wife Karin found that the stabilized active oxygen had amazing benefits for the skin. Together Paul & Karin worked to create an "anti-aging and restorative skincare line" - Karin Herzog

I had never heard of this skincare line before it was introduced to Certified F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. But this skincare line that combines science and beauty is worth a try. I had the opportunity to try three great products from Karin Herzog. These are three basic products that you would find in a skincare regime, but they take the basic to a whole new level.  

karin herzog cleansingThe first product up on the list is the Karin Herzog Professional Cleansing. This gel is a facial cleanser and makeup remover in one. This will effectively remove face & eye makeup while removing impurities and conditioning the skin. This is a much thicker gel than any other cleansing gel I have used. Other gels tend to be rather thin and spread easily over your face as you work it into a lather. This gel is different - you massage it into your dry skin (do not wet your face) and then remove the gel with warm cotton wool and warm water. When I removed the gel I could see all of my face makeup and dirt. I could see the line where my clean skin stopped and the gel that was collecting dirt began. With this cleanser you can really see the results right then and there. You know that you got your makeup off and your skin massaged clean! It also did not irritate my eyes at all while removing the makeup. 

Karin Herzog ScrubThe second product I tried was the Karin Herzog Mild Scrub. This is a very smooth, refined scrub that looks like a cream. You can hardly see the beads - it looks like a gel with a little luminescent glow. But you can definitely feel the beads once you apply the scrub. The refined, small beads effectively worked to get rid of the dirt, buildup and dead skin cells that can be left on your skin. My skin felt very smooth and looked bright after using this scrub! The super fine texture did not irritate my skin, and the cream helped so that it was not drying. Use this scrub once to twice a week for a smooth, clear, refreshed complexion!

karin herzog maskThe third and last product on the list is the Karin Herzog Essential Mask. Apply a thick layer of this cream mask and leave on for ten minutes. I loved the scent of this mask! It's smells citrusy but with a touch of perfume. I felt a bit of a tingle using this mask, but I have senitive skin and it felt as though my skin was absorbing all the mask has to offer. Since it is a cream mask, it did not feel drying at all and my skin felt smooth, hydrated, and brighter looking! This mask is great if you skin needs a little pick me up. This mask will bring back that tired or stressed skin. This mask is also anti-aging and will help combat blemishes. Use once to twice a week to give your skin the extra attention it deserves! 

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