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Your Cuticles are extremely important to the healthy growth of your nails. The cuticle covers the base of your nail where the growth is generated. That being said, it’s very important that the growth area under your cuticles stays healthy.  

 1) Practice gently pushing your cuticles back:

Don’t push too hard as you want to avoid injury or irritation to your nail growth area. Some people use a wooden orange stick. I use a soft emery board that was designed to buff the nail. I gently push back on my cuticles once a week when I do my manicure.  

 2) Keep your cuticles soft:

The cuticle is just skin. If your cuticles appear dry or cracked, they need to be moisturized. Any lotion you would use on your hands you can use on your cuticles. Just add a dab of your favorite lotion to your cuticle area and gently massage in. When I wash dishes I wear gloves. The gloves keep my hands / cuticles away from the dehydrating agent in the dish detergent. If you use nail polish remover make sure that its acetone free. The acetone is a drying agent that can wreak havoc with your cuticles. 

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Primavera Hand & Nail Cream is the secret to keeping your cuticles soft. When I wrote the blog on how 04192013 Primavera Hand and Nail Cream Certified Fabulousto improve the appearance of cuticles, I mentioned the need to keep your cuticles hydrated. Primavera Hand & Nail Cream does a fantastic job keeping my cuticles looking their best.  I keep a tube on my night stand and use it every evening. I dab a bit of cream on each cuticle and just gently massage in. This cream works wonders.

The essential Ginger and Lime oils leave your hands feeling energized and refreshed. The scent is just delightful! The Jojoba oil works well as a moisturizer to help soften cuticles. Primavera is 100% natural with no animal testing. 

I liked that the cream absorbes quickly and there's no greasy feeling. The overall results are fantastic! 

Remember take time to enjoy life!

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    I love this hand & nail cream thanks for the heads up
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