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The secret is out...and it's F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.!
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Are you one of the lucky ones taking a vacation to sunnier skies and warmer weather? As I sit inside right now, there are piles upon piles of snow outside my window and the gracing temperature of...let me check....21° (feels like 7°)... Great. So as you can imagine, I'm dreaming of a vacation; one with a beach and plenty of sun. If you feel the same, you might be planning a vacation or all ready have one scheduled and are eagerly awaiting your flight. What's left to do? Pack! I don't like packing, but if it's for vacation, I'd be packed a week beforehand with the suitcase at my door ready to go. So to make sure you embrace your packing with some fabulous vacation style, I've put together a few styles for you to rock on your much needed time in the sun!

Beach Chic

For Beach Chic, think French Riviera style. Or a vacation on a fancy yacht. Your outfit ensembles should be classy and timeless, with a bit of sass. Start with a sexy black one piece, cut just right, add a wide floppy sun hat and thick sun shades for a mysterious look (and of course sun protection). A black and white striped & structured tote plus chunky, polished sandals take the outfit up a notch and will cause those envious stares! Bring a light, loose cardigan to cover up when needed. Last but not least, bold red nails add just the touch of sass you want! Guerlain Nail Lacquer Rouge D'Enfer will give you that bright hue and glossy finish (my favorite nail polish)!

Chic 2.21.14

Sand and Sleek One Piece from Modcloth

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  • Cynthia Torres
    Cynthia Torres says #
    Awesome. Throughly enjoyed this site.
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Piped Leather Wrap Jacket from Kiki La'Rue

Kiki La Rue Jacket Post

Taking your fall wardrobe into winter is pretty easy. More layers, thicker textures, warm coat, good boots and you're pretty much there. Depending on where you live, many layers will be key to staying comfortable in the freezing cold and moving into the warm indoor environments. When I first received the Kiki La'Rue Piped Leather Wrap Jacket, it was great to use as a light Fall jacket. The casual material combined with a chic cut and leather details will take a basic outfit up a stylish notch. It is much warmer than I expected; with it on I'm perfectly cozy and when I take it off I immediately feel the cold - this jackets retains some serious heat! Now as the weather is getting even colder, this jacket is a great layer addition to my winter outfits. Since it's not too thick, but still warm, it will fit easily under my thick winter coats and layers well over sweaters/long sleeve shirts.

I like to combine this jacket with a basic outfit - this jacket stands out on it's own, so no need for a complicated look! Dark skinny jeans, dark sweater, combined with a light scarf and some colorful earrings allow for a cozy but sophisticated look with this jacket. With a tie waist, you can create some different styles - tied it cinches your waist nicely and untied it hangs well to reveal a stylish shirt and/or accessories. I can definitely see why this is Kiki La'Rue's best selling jacket - cozy & chic it's a jacket you'll be using through many seasons! To find this jacket and more from Kiki La'Rue visit their website HERE.


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  • Nathan Horn
    Nathan Horn says #
    Love the pic and the casual yet elegant style! Keep up the good work!
  • Linnea
    Linnea says #
    Thanks Nathan!

June 15th, 2013. My wedding day. I didn't grow up wishing to be a fairy princess and I definitely didn't grow up fantasizing about my wedding. The first time I put actual thought into my wedding was last year when my long-time boyfriend proposed to me on a road trip. We were in the mountains of Maryland and we watched the sunset together with our very unimpressed corgi, Ion.

Then we got in the car and continued to drive the remaining 8 hours home. (Hey, we had our hour of romantic tears, but we were on a schedule, don't judge!). Calling family and friends was one of the best parts of being newly engaged, but it got me thinking. Wait, how does one even plan a wedding? But now, with the help of my amazing sister/Matron of Honor/wedding planning guide, I'm ready for my big day in a few weeks!

In the beginning, my wedding was nothing but stressful. Honestly, I hated wedding planning to the point of tears. After a few weeks of this, my fiancé finally sat me down and made me stop. He made me vow that'd I do the wedding to please only us, and since then it's been pretty fun. And geeky. Our wedding Save the Dates featured us in our pajamas, our invitations made references to Star Wars, Doctor Who, AND Star Trek (we're getting married at a place called the Frontier. We had to include a reference to the "Final Frontier"!), and yes, converse will be making an appearance.

With my sonic screwdriver in hand, I was ready for June 15th weeks ago. But when it came to my wedding beauty, I was still a bit lost, so I researched and prepped and spent way too long walking up and down aisles and aisles of beauty products to bring you my list of the Pre-wedding beauty must haves!

Skin: 06012013 Wedding Prep Article Jergens Natural Glow Certified FabulousJergens Natural Glow Body Lotion. I am a very fair person, and with summer here I've been working on my tan to look my best for the big day. However, I started to fear about farmers tan and unevenness (I run and walk outside a lot in tank tops, t-shirts, 3/4 length shirts, sweaters, etc. and it always leaves me looking multi-colored by fall). Thank goodness for Jergens Natural Glow Body Lotion! I started using is a month or so ago and love it! You apply it once a day and unlike other self-tanners, this one is super gradual, giving you complete control over your tan! I have an large dark coloring on one of my arms that I just didn't put the lotion on, and it helped blend it in to the rest of my arm! I messed up on one leg, leaving half darker than the other. The next day I only applied lotion to the lighter half and voila! Problem solved. No more tanlines, no more imperfections, just a nice, even, natural looking glow (and everyone thinks it's just the joy!)

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  • Charle
    Charle says #
    We're very excited :-) Thanks for all the well wishes. Unfortunately, our puppy isn't able to attend our special day but we hope
  • Grayce
    Grayce says #
    congrats to you both I love his advice and have it all about the 2 of you best of luck
  • Sheena Eaton
    Sheena Eaton says #
    Congratulations on your upcoming Wedding! What a beautiful way to be proposed to! I too have a longtime boyfriend (14 years...sinc
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