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No-Ad Skin Care Prevent and Brighten Anti-aging Body Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 15

This SPF 15 body moisturizer comes in a tall spray can and has a lock top, just turn it and spray it where you want it. It is Broad Spectrum and has UVA/UBV protection. This body moisturizer is so easy to use and is a non-greasy, fast absorbing formula.

My skin is usually very dry. I first applied just a spritz to my legs, then rubbed it in and it seemed well calibrated and gave me just the right amount of moisture. No-Ad recommends holding the can 4 inches from your skin and spraying in a continuous motion. Do not spray directly on your face, but you can spray it on your hands and then apply to your face. I then continued to apply it on my legs and other body parts; it absorbed nicely without any greasy residue.

The Anti-aging Body Moisturizer has a plethora of anti-oxidant ingredients; Vitamin B3 which brightens and boosts hydration. Vitamin C which fights free radicals. Vitamin E eases dryness, bolsters skin's UV defense. Argan Oil helps diminish appearance of age spots and Sunflower Oil is a source of Vitamin E. This sunscreen is recommended for daily use by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Active Ingredients: Avobenzone 1.2% Sunscreen, Homosalate 7.5% Sunscreen, Octisalate 5% Sunscreen

I have been using it daily as my everyday body moisturizer. My skin has felt great well hydrated, soft and smooth.

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February 18th L’Occitane is launching their NEW 28 Day Divine Skincare Renewal Program.

Congratulations to Jennifer!!!!

The winner of the L'occitane 28 Day renewal Program!



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Aging....wrinkles...old. These are words that we all fear as we approach every birthday after the age of 30. I could never image myself having to worry about wrinkles, or even had a thought in my head about buy products for anti-aging! There has to come a time in every adults life where they finally admit to themselves, "I need to do something about these lines!". I prefer to call wrinkles, "lines" just as I have always like to use "blemish" instead of zit.  

It is most commonly said that when you reach the age of 25 you need to start looking at precautionary products to slow down the skin aging process. Anti-aging focuses on just that, preventing aging from happening. Beyond a certain age products are focused on aging correction and not so much prevention. Since I qualify for the anti-aging product category I scoured through our Certified F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. product bins for just the right topic for this week's Spring Week. I mean, Spring is basically just a Summer prep season, right? Who doesn't like perfect, smooth skin for days you pull your hair back and lounge around on the beach?! I discovered, in our latest New Beauty Test Tube, a dual sample kit of Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10 & Vichy Liftactiv Eyes. Vichy is a well known brand and one I have researched before and noticed a lot of high ratings, so I decided to try the little dual kit out. 

vichy liftactiv face serum 10 anti-ageing face lift cosmetics surgery smooth

I thoroughly washed my face and then applied the serum. It went on very easily and smooth and absorbed well after a minute. I then applied the eye cream, which was a nice rich texture that moisturized immediately and felt very comfortable on. The products felt natural on my skin and not too heavy or uncomfortable. In the morning, when I checked out my complexion I definitely noticed a difference. My skin looked brighter, evened tone and radiant! My deep "lines" that annoyed me (in between my eyes and my smile crease) seemed to be perfectly smoothed out and it left a perfect pallet for my makeup application. 

The serum's secret ingredient for the results? A 10% concentration of Rhamnose, a naturally derived plant sugar proven to help boost skin rejuvenation. I have been using this serum for a week so far and it is remarkable how much of an improvement it made on my skin! I am ecstatic that I found these products :)

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