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Japanese Mint Oil an amazing alternative to conventional medicine

This week’s topic is one of my all time favorites. It is Aromatherapy. I definitely don’t refuse medication where needed but I do prefer to use alternatives if possible. Aromatherapy is well known since the ancient times when people used aromatic oils. Many of them have been described as a huge help when healing respiratory infections, congestions or simply for general massage, baths, compresses or therapeutic skin care.

Fall and Winter is Flue season. Being a new mom I always have to be prepared. Japanese mint oil is something that I always have at my house. I usually use “Knufinke – Japanisches Heilpflanzenoel”. Never heard of it? Well those of you who have been following my blogs might know that I grew up in Germany. And Japanese mint oil was something my mom always had handy as well. Still today there is a small bottle in every other care package. So what does it do and when do I use it? Just last weekend for example my daughter, who is at daycare, came home with a cold. Her nose was running constantly, she had a hard time breathing and as soon as I laid her down to sleep she started coughing and didn’t stop. So I boiled up some hot water, and added about 3 drops of Japanese mint oil and it took minutes for her to stop coughing and fall asleep. By inhaling the peppermint oil, her nose cleared immediately and it helped her to get a good night’s sleep.

Besides the use for respiratory tract problems like common colds, cough, bronchitis and a sore throat a lot of people also use Japanese mint oil for various digestive complaints including poor appetite, nausea or to wind down such common issues as headaches or sensitivity to weather changes.

If you do want to give it a try as well follow the below link and it will bring you to Rodler mint oil. This has the same ingredients as the one I have been using and is available in the US.

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