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The secret is out...and it's F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.!
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Come fall, I usually want to change up my hair. I always get excited about fashion, beauty, and all the new accessories I can add to my outfits in the cooler weather. With these changes, I begin to feel that my hair needs some attention as well; summer locks just don't feel right at this time. So for today I have a few products and a great styling tool to give your hair that extra attention! 

New or Updated Color

LOreal Paris Feria Wild OmbreDuring the fall season, I tend to want a deep auburn hair color, or a chocolate brown - rich fall colors. But my most recent hair color has been a blonde ombre. It's the lightest I have gone with my hair color and I love it! My roots are a light brown/dark blonde, and with ombre, I can let them grow out and blend right in! I used to love red for my hair, but my hair grows too fast and I got tired of the upkeep. So blonde I went! And blonde I will stay! Until I get bored again ;) But towards the end of the summer, I did want a little bit of change just to keep things interesting. So how did I change my ombre? I did it again to make it a little blonder! When I first went ombre, I went to a stylist. I was too scared to try it on my own. It turned out great, just what I wanted! A few months later I had it lightened again, but those turned out more to be highlights, so eventually I went to have it fixed which was NOT cheap! This time around, I used an at home kit from L'Oreal Paris - Feria Wild Ombre and I was quite happy with the results! This at-home ombre coloring kit comes with an expert brush that will brush on the ombre effect. This made it easy to get that smooth transition in colors, and not have a sharp defined line, creating a more natural appearance. The brush also helped the new color blend in with the other ombre colors I already had in my hair. You can control how drastic of an ombre effect you want, simply by applying more or less of the solution. I saturated my ends more to really lighten the bottom of my hair. The brush is also really nice to get smaller, face framing peices and only lighten a small desired section.

This kit was very easy to use and to follow. If you have colored your hair at home before, you should be able to apply this kit quite easily. I actaully found it easier than applying color all over my hair since I didn't have to worry about all the roots/even coverage at the top back of my head where I can't see as well. I did this kit completely on my own and was really happy with the ease of the process and the results, so don't worry, you can do it yourself too! Just remember, you are still bleaching your hair, so be sure to treat it well/strengthen it afterwards and choose the right color ombre kit for your existing hair color. Fiera Wild Ombre offers kits for Medium to Dark Brown, Dark Blonde to Light Brown, and Light to Medium Blonde. I used the Light to Medium Blonde kit since I had existing lightened hair color. 

Ombre before and after 400

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