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Considering that people today are finding ways to save money without depriving themselves of comforts and luxuries, it is unsurprising that many consumers would look at the prices first when choosing skin care products. Although it is indeed a major consideration, the price of the product should not be your main criterion.

Look for skin care products that have been made specifically for your age group instead. This way, even if it's not the most expensive one around, it can still provide you with the nourishment and protection you need at present (and in preparation for the future).

Teens and 20s

The common skin problems people experience during these years are acne, pimples, and skin discoloration (not necessarily freckles). Young people also tend to have active lifestyles and spend a lot of time outdoors. They therefore need to use the following skin care products or products:

  •  Sunblock lotion and facial cream with a high SPF value  – to provide protection against harmful UV rays
  •  Facial cleansers (foaming or with microbeads) – to remove deep-seated dirt, dead skin cells, and excess oil from the skin.
  •  Anti-bacterial cleanser – to get rid of pimple-causing bacteria.
  •  Spot treatment cream for pimples – direct treatment for acne or pimples (ideally, this must be recommended by a dermatologist).
  •  Moisturizer – for the body and the face. It is never too early to start putting on skin moisturizer!


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  • Sheena Eaton
    Sheena Eaton says #
    What great advice and tips! I absolutely love your website! I am so glad I found it and was able to share it with all my friends a
  • Jessica
    Jessica says #
    We are glad you found us too!
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