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Oily Skin Can Be Beneficial to Your Complexion?! Surprising but TRUE!

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There are many moisturizing options out on the market today: face creams, serums, oils, moisturizing cleansers, night creams, you name it! Sometimes our skin needs these different options, especially throughout the changing seasons, but it's also a matter of figuring out what type of product your skin responds best to. Trial and error my friends. Hopefully our reviews here at Certified F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. can help shorten that trial and error period for you, and always read the product descriptions carefully to make sure it is suitable for your skin type. 

Orico London Superico Vitamin Rich 6.25.13 Certified FabulousSo for today, I have a face oil to talk about. I don't use face oils often, I tend to use body oils more. I think oils can be tricky; they need to absorb well, because I don't want to feel greasy all day. So I was glad when I tried Orico London Superico Vitamin Rich Face Oil and it worked so well with my skin!

This oil has all natural plant oils to help dry, dehydrated skin and restore the natural moisture balance. It's extra soothing with an aromatherapy blend of essential lavender, patchoili, geranium, and bergamot to "sooth and uplift the mind." Treat your skin and calm your thoughts with this face oil! I can see myself using this oil and lot more in the winter, when my skin is absolutely parched and it needs to absorb all the nourishment it can get! The aromatherapy will also be very much appreciated during the bland winter months! But during the spring and summer months it works well for a night treatment. I wake up with absolutely no greasy feeling, and my skin looks nourished and hydrated! If you like using oils, you can use this Vitamin Rich Face Oil morning and night, just lightly massage over the face and the neck. It absorbed really well (and fast) for me, and did not leave a greasy layer, if I applied it in the morning or the night.

You can buy Orico London Superico Vitamin Rich Face Oil for $47.00 at 

Overall I think Orico London Superico Vitamin Rich Face Oil is a quality oil that will provide you skin with the nourishment you need and the absorption qualities we want, leaving your face hydrated, renewed, and with a great calming scent!


Substitute or Spend with these options:

Face Oil Low 6.25.13 Certified Fabulous


Josie Maran Argan Oil

If you want to see if oil is the best option for your skin type, check out Josie Maran Argan Oil to moisturize and revitalize your skin. 

You can find Josie Maran Argan Oil 0.05 oz for $14.00 on 




Face Oil High 6.25.13 Certified Fabulous

Amore Pacific Green Tea Seed Treament Oil

If you really want to splurge on a face oil Amore Pacific Green Tea Seed Treament Oil works to renew your skin for a lumimous and radiant complexion.

You can find Amore Pacific Green Tea Seed Treatment Oil for $195.00 on




I hope this will be helpful in your moisturizing selections! 


Stay classy,


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  • Nathan Horn
    Nathan Horn Wednesday, 26 June 2013

    I love the idea of using pure oils to moisturize the face! I will look into a brand geared towards my sensative skin chemestry. Any suggestions? :)

  • Linnea
    Linnea Friday, 28 June 2013

    I'm not sure, I'll look into that and let you know what I find! I know this Orico oil uses all natural plant oils and it is very soothing!

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