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Spooky Fun Beauty to Enjoy this Hallows' Eve!

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October has proven to be an eventful month. October is always a busy time, the fall schedule is in full swing. My mother has a birthday, one I MUST remember the date and celebrate, after all, if it weren’t for her, there would be no me. I crashed my car (Im ok, my poor SUV however, was not so lucky), and bought a new one (love my puurrrty new ride).

October is also, of course, Halloween. I enjoy Halloween because my children enjoy it. I never buy my girls costumes, and allow them to think of something, offering help when I can. This year was easy, the younger wants to be a spy (think black jacket, black pants, black boots), and the other a Game Warden (think tan/muddy green jacket and pants) with a North Woods Law badge replica. Costumes procured, the excitement just builds as people in my neighborhood dress their houses up with the same vigor most save for Christmas. Although instead of reindeer and colored lights, there are smoke machines, “dead bodies” , headstones, and in one instance Biohazard tape and Quarantine signs (in honor of Ebola, ugh).



Illamasqua Nail Varnish- Malange & Illamasqua Sheer Lip Gloss- ExquisiteIllamasqua Nail Varnish and lip shine

I love color. Getting a new lip gloss or nail polish is always a little treat of color. I recently had a great excuse to indulge in a nice new nail polish. For that matter, a nice, new lip gloss as well. I had a work trip to New York, and wanted to look my best, which means a manicure is necessary. Making sure lips are dressed whenever in public is also necessary. And an eyebrow wax. I had the good fortune of enjoying Illamasqua Nail Varnish in “Malange” and Illasasqua Sheer Lip Gloss in “Exquisite”.

Malange is a truly beautiful green, with a golden shimmer. It is the perfect color for fall, the colors are warm and rich, similar to the changing leaves. I am fortunate in the fact that I have natural nails, and at home manicures are not only economical, but also relaxing, especially since my darling boyfriend truly enjoys painting my toenails). Illamasqua makes a very high quality nail polish, it applies smoothly, and covers well, only 2 coats are needed. Unlike many nail polishes with sparkles, this polish is smooth, without any large particles. The shimmer is uniform because the shimmer particles are so minute. Fast drying and chip resistant making for a pleasant manicure experience,

Illasaqua Sheer Lip Gloss is the perfect sheer lip gloss. Its shine isn’t obnoxious, but lips look full and moist with just enough shine. I love the nude gloss look, (my favorite “Housewives, OC of course, all sport the full, nude glossy lips, mwah), and “Exquisite” is the perfect nude. A beautiful, high end slim square tube, with a soft brush for application, the color is easily identifiable in the frosted packaging. I was perfectly equipped for my city trip, and look forward to trying other colors in the Illamasqua collection.


KISS Nail Dress all 4In the Halloween spirit, I decided to engage my girls in the time honored tradition of painting fingernails. Ever since my girls were teensy, one of the best one on one times are spent engaging in this activity. In honor of Halloween, we used the super cute nail decals by KISS Nail tattoo water decals are awesome in they apply exactly like the ever popular removable tattoos children seem to love. Bats, spiders, ghosts bones, creepy faces and spooky castles are some of the pre -cut and sized shapes included in this pack. I painted their nails alternating colors; white, green and black, allowing the decals to really pop depending on the shape. The effect was really neat, and looked as though we had hand-painted designs applied to our fingertips.

KISS also offers Halloween Nail Dress packs. These nail stickers are some of the better ones I have tried. Nice and thin they stick on easily and the excess is quickly removed with a good nail file. There are two choices included in this 32 pice pack, on set of full nail stickers (of various design), and a set of French tip stickers (orange with sparkly silver stars). I alternated both on my hands and the result was really cool.



Selfie Brush

Selfie Brush. My goodness. My: cheerleading, “Im practicing my split”, hair down to my bottom little darling (she is 7) is in love with the selfie brush. I must admit, Selfie Brush is a nice, large, high quality paddle brush, perfect for longer tresses. Bright, bright pink, I have no trouble finding it when it is carelessly tossed on the floor behind the chair. The little mirror up the side (perfect for making sure you look beautiful for your “selfy”) is an excellent feature.

Warning, do not slide your beautiful iPhone (who, let’s face it, is one of your besty’s, truly) into the opening at the top of your selfie, if your hair is wet. iPhones and water are not besty’s. One hair is perfectly coiffed, slide your treasured iPhone into one end, making sure to “flip the screen” before sliding all of the way in. If you don’t do this initially, you will have to slide your precious iPhone out in order to accomplish this essential task. My 7 year old thought Selfie Brush would make a wonderful spy tool, for being incognito when recording hidden videos. I hesitated to allow her to have this fun for long, with my precious iPhone. She got some great shots of the cat.

Brazillian Tech karatin conditioner treatmentWe were able to snap a few shots, which was a fun reward for her for doing a great job brushing out those snarles without any help. Incorporating some fun into the tedious task of brushing out snarly hair is kind of ingenious. Another way to assist in the smoothing and detangling of long hair, curly hair, color treated hair and any hair in need of deep conditioning. One N Only Brazillian Tech Keratin Kurl Conditioning Treatment is a thick, rich conditioning cream sure to smooth fizzy curls, and nourish color treated hair.

I only wet down, wash and condition my hair twice a week, or every 3-4 days.If I straighten my naturally curly hair, I can get away with longer (although the last day or two are ponytail days). For maximum benefits, I like to use One N Only Brazillian Tech Keratin Kurl Conditioning Treatment each time I shampoo. It is important to wash hair first (I shampoo twice), allowing for the maximum amount of time to allow the conditioner sink in before rinsing. My hair is so nourished, that after using for a few weeks, I no longer had to use a leave in conditioner. My hair felt softer, and my curls were sleeker with less frizz.

 Welchs halloween fruit snacks



A great alternative to candy for Halloween trick or treaters are Welch’s Mixed Fruit Snacks in Halloween Shapes. I realized this after treating my girls to these snacks and realized they were shaped specially for Halloween. Made with fruit juice, these snacks are a better choice as they are not fully loaded with sugar as most candy is, while still satisfying that sweet tooth with the chewy gummy texture and fruity taste. My kids love Welch’s Fruit Snacks, and I have already stocked up to hand out on Halloween Night!




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