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Spartans vs. theBalm

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Hey Fabulous Readers!

Well this week we've all been talking about nail polish and new fun colors.  hot-ticket-web v2I always seem to feel (no matter how I try not to) like I'm just running on adrenaline.  If it's not picking up party goods for the kids classroom parties, its last minute Christmas shopping because I just realized that I forgot someone on my list.  Sleep, who needs sleep right?

As many of you know I'm addicted to doing mud runs.  Recently I competed in one of the toughest, the Spartan Race- .  Although only a 5k, there are 15 grueling obstacles that include crawling under barbed wire, carrying 20 pound sand bag up and down a hill and my favorite of all time, the bunny hop up hill in the mud for 50 feet.  Needless to say this was not for someone that had not trained and was just out for a stroll.  The terrain was rough and very muddy and for every obstacle that you couldn't complete, 30 burpees were waiting for you.  (if you don't know what burpees are..

So I thought, if this is going to be this rough, why not test a nail polish.  There's no way any woman is going to put their nails through this much abuse during a regular work week. So if the polish can handle the ultimate mud run, it can handle an everyday work experience.  I chose "All you ever do is taupe" from theBalm, Inc cosmetics,  All their polishes have crazy wacky names, which I love.  This particular color is a delicious combination of silver with a hint of copper in it.  So you get a bit of...well..taupe, but a little silver too.  It's a really pretty color and looks great with dark skin tones.  Before the race i applied 2 coats of the polish and set off to put it to the test.  Between the rope climbs and bear crawls in the mud, by the end of the race I thought for sure my polish would be trashed.  After fighting off the Spartans at the end, I looked at my nails and through all the mud and blood and glory, there sparkling thru was my pretty polished nails. 

Just when you think you can't have glamour and guts, the Balm can make that happen for you!

'Tis the season for the flu, save yourself from getting sick and just hug it out!"

Beckie B

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