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The secret is out...and it's F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.!

Skin Care that's Built Tough Enough for a Man!

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There is nothing manlier then cars.  Therefore, it stands to reason that in order to make a truly manly line of skin care products you should model them after car care items. This revelation has given birth to the latest in skin care by FaceLube. This 3 step FaceLube Premium Kit treatment system is toted as a manly approach to anti aging skin care.

FaceLube Kit WhiteStep 1: Prepare and Clean

I like to think that cleansing the face is the most important step in caring for your skin. I enjoyed a powerful scent of cinnamon and cloves when applying the face wash. It’s bold combination of extracts had a slight tingle while I had its aromatic lather on my face. Then, after rinsing, that tingle turned into a refreshing cooling sensation. A bold clean is achieved by this product, for only the manliest of men.

Step 2: Restore and Repair

I have always been told to clean my face and to moisturize for protection, but never to repair it. Since FaceLube is making products to counter the damaging affects of aging, it only makes sense that they would put repairing into their line of treatments. This refreshing gel has little to no scent and reminded me of using aloe on my skin as a child. Slippery and cooling. I can’t say for sure if it truly heals the skin, but it was excellent for relieving razor burn on my face and neck. A welcome result that makes it worth the time to apply.

Step 3:  Lubricate and Protect

Here comes the most important part of my facial routine: moisturizing. I have used many different brands of moisturizers over the years with varied results. Most of the decent brands are designed for women, which is all well and good… but you seriously have to watch out for glitter in them. Trust me, you don’t want to find that one out by showing up at the office shining like a pretty princess. FaceLube has a healthy dose of the vitamins and minerals your face needs, without all the glitter and potpourri. Its thick creamy texture absorbs into the skin and leaves no oily finish and almost no scent. Real men have skin that is fresh looking without smelling like a flower garden.

After using FaceLube’s line of skin treatments, I believe that they have provided an excellent set of product for the modern man. Finally, men can feel confident in the health and youthfulness of their skin without the stigma of using women’s branded products. Men can benefit from clearer skin while knowing that they have used a product specifically designed for them. Peace of mind and younger skin is the gift that FaceLube offers, and I am happy to have been able to use their 3 step treatment line.

Live a strong and wild life of a man, but never settle for the rough skin that goes with it.


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Nathan is a modern male that takes pride in his overall health and appearance.  Working in both the creative field of independent film as well as the fast paced world of IT, he works hard and values products that can keep up with his busy lifestyle.  Bouncing back and forth from the professional offices of the University of Maine and sets and streets of the Portland independent film scene, Nathan has always kept a close eye on grooming products for the modern male that allow him to look his best in any situation.   He applies his keen experience with these products to providing clear and helpful input to those fashion forward men looking for a little advice.

SKIN TYPE:Combination

HAIR TYPE: Short, thick, wavy

HAIR COLOR: Auburn Brown

COMPLEXION TYPE: Pale and Freckled.


BEAUTY ADDICTIONS: The One by Dolce & Gabana, Recover Bao-Balm Lip Therapy by Organic Male, Gillette Mach3 Sensative Razor, American Crew Defining Paste


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