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Shopping for Glasses Simplified (Finally!)

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Hello All!

As a four-eyed gal marrying a four-eyed guy, I tend to go glasses shopping a lot. And I hate it. Driving all over town from store to store, trying on hundreds of frames, talking to salesmen and women, trying to find a frame I can actually afford... It's exhausting, and it usually takes me months to buy a new frame!

I love online shopping (who doesn't love shopping at home in pajamas and slippers?), but shopping for new glasses at home is next to impossible. Many online stores allow you to upload your photo to help you visualize how the frames will fit your face, but it's nowhere near an exact science. I've tried this before and have had to ship several frames back to the company before finding a pair I like. Yes, the shipping is usually paid for by the company, but it still takes a month or two to find a new frame.

But alas, it's all we've got. Right?

Wrong! Warby Parker has found a solution for all us glasses wearing, online shopping, boys and girls. The Home Try-On Box!

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03032013 Warby Parker Home Try-On itAll you do is browse their fashionable, online inventory, select five of your favorite frames, and the Warby Parker team sends you a high quality black box with your chosen glasses! The lenses are just plastic, so you'll need contacts to check them out in the mirror. Try them on, pick your favorite, and send the 5 frames back within 5 days. It's that simple! You do have to enter your credit card number, but they don't charge you unless you keep the frames for more then the 5 day limit.

Having trouble picking between two or more frames? Warby Parker encourages customers to take pictures of themselves in the frames they like to upload to their facebook page, where their team of professionals (as well as other glasses lovers) will give you their opinions.

I ordered a box from Warby Parker last week and it arrived within a day or two. I tried on my five frames and absolutely fell in love with one pair in particular (me, the picky glasses shopper that usually takes several trips to various glasses stores before finding a suitable pair!). The box came with a pre-paid return shipping label, which I used on the original box my glasses came in. It didn't cost me a dime (well maybe the trip to the UPS Store cost a dime in gas, but still).

Best part! Many of their glasses start at only $95! Considering many stores charge up to several hundred dollars just for the frames, not including your lenses, you can't beat the price!!! Shippings free and tax is included so you pay exactly the price you see online.

While ordering my new pair of glasses, I forgot to enter a measurement and didn't even notice. One of the customer service represtentatives was kind enough to personally email me that day requesting the measurement. They were very responsive and incredibly helpful!

Warby Parker has simplified online glasses shopping like it's their job! Ok, maybe it is... But the speed and convenience of glasses shopping in your own home and at your convenience is priceless. Add fashionable, high-quality, and decently priced glasses at that, and I know I'm in heaven!



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