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Shape Up Those Curves & Say Yes to That Winter Vacation!

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BioElixia Body Shaper Cellulite Creme 11.18.13 Certified FabulousI have a nice bum. I can say that because I squat (overhead, front, back, etc. etc.), I jump switch lunge, I run, I’m a crazy Crossfitter. I do all this, not to have a nice bum, but to maintain an acceptable level of mental health; the nice bum is merely a welcome side effect. However, like most women over 30, especially those of us who haven’t always had a nice bum (oh, how could I forget those 50 pounds I worked so hard to lose), my bum is a dimpled with a little..*gasp.. Cellulite. It’s what keeps me from really and truly loving my bum as much as I should.

Fortunately, I was introduced to BioElixia: Body Shaper. This cellulite contour crème is scientifically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite by upwards of 57% after only a few weeks. I knew I had to try this crème, in hopes of firming a reducing the dimples appearance of my bum and thighs. And although twice a day for 4 weeks (that’s when they say you start seeing results, although mine came much sooner) is quite the commitment for me, I had to see if it worked. Bioelixia uses a propriety system scientifically proven to improve the absorption of active ingredients. Ingredients such as caffeine and Vitamin A are incorporated into most anti-cellulite products, but I believe I experienced such success with this product because of the way in which the key ingredients absorbed into my skin allowing the benefits they provide to really work their magic. 

BioElixia Body Shaper is smooth and almost serum like in its viscosity. This product applies well, and absorbs immediately. I love the sensation, cooling and tingling. The vasodilators (Forskolin) and caffeine bring blood to area. I noticed a difference in my first week of using BioElixia Body Shaper, so much faster than any other cellulite cream I’ve tried. The fragrance is quite pleasant, as well. This Australian-born product really comes through with the promise to give you a smoother bum and thighs. I wish I could say I'm racing around in some cute shorts, but I would be kidding, this is Maine and its 40 degrees here on a good day. But at least I can say that I look amazing stepping out of the shower ;)


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