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Refine Your Summer Skin with Weleda's Birch Body Scrub! Save or Spend Report!

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Well now that it's August, it will soon be time to transition from summer to fall. Sad, but true. I will try to hold onto summer for as long as I can, (we still have a few solid weeks of summer left), but I will need to start focusing on transitioning my summer products to fall products. Summer skin care is about sun protection (with a little sun tanning), moisturizing, refreshing products, nourishing products, etc. But as we spend less time in the blazing sun, we will want different products for our skin/hair care.

Weleda Birch Body Scrub 8.1.13Scrubs are a great product to keep your skin healthy from summer to fall. When the beach tan starts to fade, a gentle scrub will be very handy! If you have sensitive skin, you might shy away from a scrub, but this week I have one that might just do the trick! Weleda Birch Body Scrub gently exfoliates and smooths your skin. Some key ingredients are: organic birch leaves, vegetable based cleansers (great for sensitive skin), natural plant wax pearls, and organic & natural plant oils. These are skin replenishing ingredients that will help renew your skin, leaving you with soft, radiant skin. Weleda products are "no synthetic anything" - no synthetic preservatives, fragrances, or chemicals. Not only is that great for sensitive skin, but you can really feel good about using Weleda products. I often find it frustrating to learn of all the chemicals, and preservatives that are put into food and skincare, so I really take interest in brands that are dedicated to promoting a healthy skincare lifestyle. 

As for the actual scrub itself, you can apply it with a loofah or your hands in the shower. I just used my hands and massaged in a circular motions. It's not too thick so it's really easy to work with and massage into your skin. The beads were gentle yet still effective to get rid of the dead skin. It was in no way irritating and my skin felt extremely fresh and renewed! I also loved the earthy scent (maybe with a hint of lemon?). I looked forward to using it again, even just for the scent :) Another good bonus, this scrub comes in a tube instead of a jar - which makes it quick and easy to apply in the shower!

This is a great natural body scrub option at $12.00!

Looking for another body scrub? I have't found many that come in a tube like Weleda's (which I find extremely helpful) but I did find an intriguing body scrub from Angel Face Botanicals - Double Love Body Scrub with Himalayan Salt & Organic Lavender Essential Oils at $24.00. This body scrub will help improve the texture and appearance of your skin while also helping you relax with the pleasing lavender esssential oils.

Finding a scrub that you love and use will help easily polish your summer skin and is a great product to continue using year-round!

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