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Raven to Platinum Bleaching Your Hair...Should You Do It?

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I thought it was important to discuss the topic of hair bleaching because I had gone through this experience and have a lot to say about it! 

I have been dying my hair since I was in high school, but back then it was more for fun than for necessity but even still I would consider myself pretty experienced with hair dying. I have had very long, black hair for almost two years and I loved it! I had been in the process of gradually lightening it to try and go back to my natural hair color which is a medium brown. My hair stylist told me that we would slowly have to add in lighter highlights so to not damage my hair and I would gradually achieve a lighter color. Usually when I have an idea in my head it's hard to change my mind, and highlighting my hair now and then for a hefty prices was not what I had in my mind. 

Bleaching first try

I researched how to bleach hair for a while online watching YouTube videos and although I knew the process would be tedious I figured, "Why not just try it? Everyone should experience being a blonde once in their life, right?". After my careful research I ran out to Sally Beauty Supply and gathered the materials I would need. I bought a bucket of bleach powder and #30 developing liquid, a mixing bowl, gloves, toner to get any brassiness out and the #20 developer that goes with that. I also made sure to pick up plenty of intense conditioning treatments and masks! 

I started by mixing the bleach powder with developer and just started applying to my hair. It was very hard to do alone since it is important to evenly apply to your whole head and the back was almost impossible to get to, even when I used a mirror! I put on a plastic cap and waiting an hour. After washing it out I saw my hair completely morphed from black to this crazy red/orange color and my roots were light blonde! Ekkkk, was this a mistake??

I mixed up more bleach and repeated the process. It lightened up more but the middle of my hair was still the red/orange color. I knew my hair needed a break so I put a conditioner in my hair for about an hour and washed it out and called it a night. I wore my hair up for a whole week because I was embarrassed by the odd, mismatched colors my hair had developed to. That next weekend I went back to Sally's and Picked up a different kind of bleach, it was a cream so I thought it would be less harsh on my hair. I used the Zotos Professional: AGEbeautiful creme lightener  and picked up their AGEbeautiful #20 developing cream to mix with it. I was also advised by the employee at Sally's that I needed a purple shampoo and conditioner to take out the brassy tone, so I picked that up as well. I still had my toner at home that was also suppose to get the brass out so I had hoped using both would make my hair "normal". 

Bleaching second try

Back in my bathroom I was mixing up the cream bleach and applying to my hair, waited an hour and washed it out. I saw platinum hair but mostly on all my root areas! Nothing really different in the middle red/orange sections except a bit lighter. I mixed up the toner with blue/purple hues that was made to take out the brass, and after leaving it on for an hour and rising it out I saw no difference! I was SO disappointed. I used the purple shampoo and conditioner and it really didn't do much either. That week I wore my hair half up to just push back the brassy hair and revealed only the light blonde.

During this process my hair texture was completely stripped and in serious condition! Despite all of my many mask conditioners and kinky hair treatments it would not get it's health back. It took 3 days to dry! My hair has never felt like this before and in fact as I was doing my hair before work one morning I noticed the bottom on my hair in the back had completely broken off! A large section of my hair underneath was now shoulder length!!! My beautiful, long hair that took years to grow out from a bad haircut was now short again! I calmed myself down by telling myself it was summer and it would be nice to go short and have a change. As I reviewed the rest of my hair I had noticed how bad of shape it was in and I knew I had to part with it, so after looking up a few tutorials on YouTube on how to cut your own hair....I in fact cut my own hair. It wasn't terrible, people at work actually thought I had it done by a hairdresser but I had to go to a professional right after work to fix it for me, hah. 

My last attempt at the white/ platinum hair was a box of L'Oreal hair color promising to take out my brass. There I was again in my bathroom mixing up the ingredients and applying to my hair, leaving it on for and hour and rinsing it out. This was actually a success! My roots were platinum and my brassy hair was not AS brassy but a yellowed color, an improvement compared to before! I still have mis-matched, light brassy tones in the middle of my hair but it looks pretty decent now. I want to try and attempt to even out the tone and perhaps just dye the brassy sections only but my hair is still in critical condition and in the healing process so I hate to keep damaging it and potentially have to cut it shorter :( My natural hair color is already starting to grow in so I guess to maintain the look I would have to keep bleaching the roots...but at least that process only takes 10 minutes. I want to keep the blonde for a little while longer...but I have a feeling I will be going back to the dark side any time now! I'm just not made to be a blonde :)

Bleaching third try

In the end, if I were able to go back in time I would've kept my long, black hair and been happy. Now I have shoulder length, semi-platinum hair and I am hoping my hair will grow fast! I had done my research and still had an epic fail so it makes me wonder how all of these teenagers know how to perfectly bleach their hair and I can't?! Maybe the lesson here is to ask a teenager to bleach my hair next time? Actually the lesson would be to not trust YouTube videos as your research and go to a professional instead! This whole process has cost me as much, or more, trying to go from a Kim Kardashian to a Gwen Stefani!

UPDATE: My friends at Zotos Professional actually recommended some options for me and to tell you the truth I stopped using the violet shampoo and conditioner and went back to my Biotera Color Care Collection and it has already done worlds of wonders for me! I have been especially using the Certified F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. Seal of Approval Award Winners: Zotos Professional: Biotera: Ultra Color Care 3-Minute Intense TreatmentAGEbeautiful Strengthening Treatmentwhich we obviously LOVE! Biotera Exotic Oil Weightless Shine Oil Treatment is a new one too that I purchased and have been obsessively using! has a hair hotline you can call with any questions you might have! You can talk direct to a professional and get answers to questions and gain expert advice on the spot with a real person! 


My final word of advice to's not worth it!!! I miss my healthy, soft hair!

BONUS***Later today I will be posting crucial hair bleaching Q & A's from celebrity hairstylist Naz Kupelian!***

I will be paying a visit to Naz at his salon for hair help, so stay tuned for the video!

 If you have any hair disasters you want to share, I would love to hear them and not feel like I am alone in this misery, lol.

Until next time...Keep On Being Beautiful YOU!

xxoo Jessica

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