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Protecting Your Hair From The Sun’s Harmful Rays.

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Protecting Your Hair From The Sun’s Harmful Rays

Just when we got used to the idea of lathering on the sunscreen from our faces down to maybe our ankles, there’s one area we don’t readily include - our hair. As the weather heats up, our precious strands are exposed to the same Ultra Violet Aging and Ultra Violet Burning sun rays as our skin, wreaking all sorts of havoc like depleting it of moisture eventually breaking them. Head off the summer dry hair assault by trying Alterna Hair Care CC Cream, which does a multitude of things, but most importantly provides sunscreen protection and Rene Furterer Paris Protective Summer Oil with sunscreen - easy-to-use and off to the beach you go.

Beware of Heating Hair Tools
Limit the use of hair tools like blow driers, flat irons and curlers as much as possible. As with the sun, it can exacerbate dryness and if done in excess, can make hair weak and break. Search for heat-alternative styles like roller-setting for volume, styles that involve the use of pomades, gels and mousses and hair accessories - anything that puts the emphasis on using traditional tools like a comb, brush and your own fingers to create an awesome summer style.

Incorporate Deep Conditioning Treatments
Moisturizing is nothing new, but during the summer months especially, a deep conditioning treatment should be brought into the mix and done weekly.

Treatments For Different Hair Types
If your hair is on the dry/frizzy end of the spectrum and may even be color-treated - let your strands get the most out of a deep conditioning treatment - one that contains shea butter, preferably, by sitting beneath a conditioning heat cap for at least 15 minutes. Done on a routine basis will encourage elasticity and reduce breakage. Sally Beauty has a fabulous supply of these types of products. The use of a heavy conditioner would be counter-intuitive for other types of hair: fine, normal, oily because it would weigh the hair down, so err on the side of caution.



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