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Orly Nail Lacquer

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Orly Nail Lacquer comes in a stunning pink that they’ve named Preamp. I’m not sure where they got the name… but the color is absolutely gorgeous.  


I applied a base coat, 2 coats of color, and followed up with a top coat. The lacquer went on smoothly with no streaking. The end result was totally amazing. 

03162013 Orly Nail Lacquer Preamp Certified Fabulous Bottle

Preamp is like a chameleon, as it takes on different color aspects with every movement. The pink is infused with golden flecks that shimmer and shine. There are times when the lacquer has a purple-bluish hue that looks extraordinary. This color is truly astounding.


The best part was the lacquer lasted a whole week!! 


This Orly lacquer came with a Griper Cap™. This cap is fantastic! I loved the feel of the cap in my hand. I felt like I had more control during the application.  


I’d never used Orly Nail Lacquer until today and was overjoyed with the results. There is no carrier for Orly in my area so I checked out their website. Orly sells everything you need to keep your hands and nails healthy and gorgeous. They have a vast variety of colors and kits to choose from. Orly also has video demos for those you who are interested in nail art.  


Remember take time to enjoy life!

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SKIN TYPE: Combination / Mature

HAIR TYPE: Shoulder Length, Oily, Straight

HAIR COLOR: Colored Reddish Brown.

COMPLEXION TYPE: Fair with pink undertones. Prefers a cool color pallet.


BEAUTY ADDICTIONS: Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, Suave Shampoo Mango Mandarin scent, ABBA’s Nourishing Conditioner – Leave-In Hair Moisturizer, Carmex 



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