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Not Just A Pretty Package

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Hey Everyone and welcome to another Friday.  If you haven't noticed this is our first week of our new blog format.  My job as the packaging diva is to talk to you guys about how the bottle or tube functions, why a company would choose a certain pump or maybe the message that they are trying to convey with their choice of packaging.

DHC PoreCeansingOil

So this week we've all been discussing products from DHC.  Let me begin by saying their packaging choices are very classic and sleek. They have just released two new products that Certified Fabulous was lucky enough to be one of the first to review, Pore Cleansing Oil and Pore Face Wash.  The Pore Pore Cleansing Oil is in a beautiful milky blue bottle that has the appearance of lucite or for some of our seasoned readers, Depression Glass. I love it!  The lucite offers the high end look of glass but without the dangers.  Even the pump matchs the color of the bottle.  But what I really like about the pump is the actuator.  This is the part where the product comes out.  The designers at DHC decided to go with a "gonzo" style pump that has a long actuator and a flat top, which makes it so easy to use.  Sometimes when you have wet hands- which happens ALOT when you're washing your face- some pumps with angled actuators are hard to compress and get the product out.  Instead your finger just slides right off and if you're like me, you lose patience and say a few expletives.  My other favorite part about this package is, it comes with a clip that goes around the neck so that when you pack your over night bag and your shampoo bottle falls on top it doesn't squeeze out all your favorite Pore Cleansing Oil before you get to your destination.  Yes, you can say it, it's the simple, little things that excite me. 

The other product that we had the privilage of reviewing was their Pore Face Wash.  This product comes in a squeezable tube.  Now I know what you're going to say, all tubes are created equal.  Negative!  Now I will say that they are not as complicated as bottles, but they still have a lot going on.  Again, the designers did a spectular job at color matching the LDPE (low density polyethlene) tube with the color of the bottle.  Sometimes this can be very difficult because different resins(plastics) react differently with the colorant.  Now one thing I can appreciate about this product, is they were able to orientate the cap with the front of the tube.  What I mean by this, is when you flip open the cap you are still looking at the front of the tube.  To me this is a very classy gesture and I would almost say subliminal marketing because as you are squeezing out the product, you're still looking at the name of the product.  One issue that I have run into with a lot of tubes, is the orifice (the opening where the product comes out) doesn't match the viscosity of the product.  So if you have a very thick cream, you don't want to have a little tiny hole for it come out right?  Think St. Bernard trying to go through the cat door.  Yeah, probably not going to work.  Well you'd be surprised how many products are like that.  But not with DHC, this deliciously creamy cleanser can easily be squeezed out in proper dosage. 

DHC PoreFaceWashFinally I have to mention the design of their unit carton.  This has to be one of the most unique designs I have seen in a while.  How many times have you bought a product in a little box and think to yourself, "How do I know if someone has used this product or not?"  I know I have.  Just the other day, I bought some hair color and the little "safety seal" was peeled back.  Not very safe!  With DHC's design there is no way that someone can check out your purchase before you do.  They have designed into the box a little tear tab on the op that is sealed when they package up your product.  Ingenious! And just so you're covered the bottom of the box, is an autobottom.  Which means the bottom of the carton forms automatically when you form the carton.  This assures that that once the product is in the carton, no one can get to it from the bottom without destroying the box.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me.

Have a great weekend and welcome to 2013!

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