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No More Shaving Your Armpits...Seriously!

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American Laser Skincare

Treatment 4: Think of it no more shaving your armpits….

I am thrilled to have had to opportunity to take part in this process with American Laser Skincare utilizing their latest cutting edge Laser Technology: GentleMax Pro®

I’ve completed my 4th    laser treatment and as I mentioned in my prior review “I cannot believe the difference; and the lack of hair on my armpits”. I find this area much smoother with No stubble - No bumps - No rough patches and No ingrown hairs.

This process has been amazing. I’ve had my previous two treatments at American Laser Skincare at 37 Newbury St., Boston, Massachusetts.

 I was greeted Ali the Clinical Technician and I must say she is outstanding, she walked me thru the process, explained everything to me and checked regularly on my degree of discomfort ….which there really wasn’t any.

I felt tiny little zaps - a slight warming sensation over the armpit area, they were quick - zap zap zap, and I was done. No discomfort at all. They always follow up with applying hydrocortisone cream to my underarms.

As I had mentioned the entire process takes a few minutes and the results are fantastic.

I really have almost no need to shave anymore, I will continue with the recommended 8 treatments for a more permanent hair removal.

I can’t wait to start on my legs I would recommend this process to anyone that wants to try a hair removal. It’s a great alternative to waxing and shaving and has lots of advantages, no more bumps or rashes!!!

As I had mentioned in my prior review they use the latest cutting edge Laser Technology.

GentleMax Pro® delivers a controlled amount of intense energy to the targeted area, safely and effectively destroying follicles without harming the skin around them. And it’s gentle. It incorporates a unique cooling system which works synergistically with the laser.

enjoy the journey!


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Hi Jamie, so glad you asked... I found my forehead and eye areas to be a lot smoother and brighter. Peptides as well as hyaluronic acid combined with anti oxidants ingredients all help to improve the skins tone and overall appearance. These patches are a unique Micro-Current delivery system. hope that helps


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