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Multi-Talented Beauty Vanessa Williams Shares Her Secrets on Fashion, Diet & New Projects!

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I had the pleasure of speaking with singer/actress/author Vanessa Williams to get some amazing tips on how she stays looking so amazing and also what is going on with her fabulous career.

Vanessa Williams is a spokesperson for Splenda Sweet Swaps, below are a few questions I asked her about Sweet Swaps and her answers:

Vanessa williams sweet swapsWhat is the SPLENDA® SWEET SWAPS™ initiative all about? The SWEET SWAPS initiative encourages people to make small changes for a healthier lifestyle. Since Americans consume too much added sugar, SPLENDA Brand is sharing 365 ways to save calories by swapping sugar for SPLENDA Sweeteners on

Why did you decide to partner with SPLENDA®? I decided to partner with SPLENDA when I learned that the average American consumers more than 22 teaspoons of added sugar every day, and that many of my own favorite foods contain added sugar, so I was very likely part of this statistic! On top of that, SPLENDA also made a donation to the American Diabetes Association when I “Instagramed” one of my favorite ways to swap sugar for SPLENDA No Calorie Sweetener (Strawberry Yogurt Tarts). The fight against diabetes is important to me, because of my family’s history with the disease, my grandmother lost a limb because of diabetes.

How has the SWEET SWAPS™ initiative evolved throughout the year? Earlier this year, we got the public involved by asking people to post how they swap sugar for no calorie sweetener with the hashtag, #SweetSwaps. For every social media post, SPLENDA Brand made another donation to the American Diabetes Association. Now, SPLENDA is asking everyone to share their favorite SWEET SWAPS recipes and tips at They’ve already posted fan recipes for Tangy Meatballs, Pecan Pralines… I’m excited to see so many people getting involved in SWEET SWAPS!

Everything I have seen Vanessa Williams in she looks amazing, I couldn’t pass up asking her what tips she could share with us to stay looking so amazing:

Do you have any other tips for living a healthier lifestyle? Stay aware of the sugars and processed foods you are eating, making your own food is great. Then you know what is going into your food. Eat salads with protein on top of it. Lots of fruits and vegetables are great especially for the summer time. There are a ton of juice bars popping up and those are great whether you get a smoothie or juice.

What about beauty and fashion? Any secrets you can share? I use my own skincare line Revitalistic Skin Care line. I want to stay as good looking for as long as I possibly can. Summertime everyone wants to bake in the sun it’s always good to wear a hat and sunscreen but it is important to get out and get some vitamin D. I am also very active workout at least 45 min a day whether it’s treadmill, walking dogs, going for a hike, riding a bike. I enjoy Thabo, yoga, MMA classes. The classes are always nice because of the friendships you create in them, but I also love working out with my personal trainer as well. Put it on your scheduled and stay active.

Vanessa Williams is set to reprise her role as Jessie Mae Watts in “the Trip to Bountiful” for a third time! which the Lifetime television adaptation is nominated for an Emmy. Below are a few questions I asked her along with her answers:

Vaness williams the trip to bountifulAside from being a major career highlight, what does “The Trip to Bountiful” mean to you? It is a classic, it came out in 1953 by Horton Foote. Michael Wilson is amazing to work with and a phenomenal director. And work with who Foote brings back a vision that started in 1953 when originally made its Broadway début. Then coming back after 50 years is amazing.

What can people expect when they come to see “The Trip to Bountiful” at the Ahmanson Theatre this fall? They get to see the full play in its entirety which isn’t shown in the television adaptation. Much longer and much more in depth, with a lot more character work. The back and forth with Mother Watts played by Cicely Tyson is very frustrating at times but underneath it all there is love and respect. I was doing the ABC show 666 Park Avenue and I found out they were going to be cancelled and the next day I got a call asking if I wanted to be on Broadway. This was a perfect opportunity and timing that worked out.

You’ve had such an amazing career so far! Are there any goals or aspirations you hope to fulfill in the future? More television and Broadway. Possible expand my business beyond the skincare line, continue to make more music. Keep it all moving sing and dancing and acting!

It was such a pleasure speaking with her! She is absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to see what she does next.


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