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Mmmmm... Smells Like Relaxation

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Hi Everyone and Welcome to Friday!  This week we have all been sharing about our favorite ways to use aromatherapy.  With the holidays right around it's so easy to get stressed out.  You've got parties to attend, gifts to buy, not to mention... gee I don't know, work?  What's a girl to do?  Not sleep?  Um... no!  Take a deep breath and relax, because I have 2  amazing products to tell you about.

Have you ever been walking along and a certain scent catches your nose?  Maybe it's the smell of warm apple pie or orange blossoms or my favorite sage and your mind automatically goes to a happy place.  For me, when I smell roasted turkey, it always takes me back to my Grandma's kitchen... mmmmmm .. that girl could cook!  Scents have an affect on our moods.  They can energize or relax us.

I know that I have talked about Sevani Cosmetics before for their cleanser, but did you know that they use ageless eyes oilaromatherapy in their other products too?  Their Ageless Eye serum doesn't just hydrate and nourish the eye area it calms your mind, body and soul.  Some of her ingredients include, evening primrose, frankincense, neroli, pomegranate oil and more.  This formula is packed with essential oils that aid in fighting against aging. 

Sevani's Serum Vitale is hands down the most versitle product I've ever used.  This is an all over yummy serum that you can use in your hair, on your face and even on your skin for those rough spots (like cuticles).  What I like to do, is dab a little on the top of my head before I go running and viola! I am able to relax and enjoy a little aromatherapy on the go!  The combination of patchouli-a natural aphrodisiac, lavender and frankincense (along with about 15 others) this product will not only firm your skin, inhibit those nasty sun spots, this power punching serum will also put you in a fabulous mood.  BONUS!  Does your current face serum do that?

Did you know...

The term aromatherapy was coined by Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, a Frenchman from a family of perfumers. Gatefosse researched the healing powers of plant oils following an accidental discovery that Lavender oil quickly healed his badly burnt hand

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