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Maybelline Mascara Past & Present...

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Happy Monday Fabulous Readers!

Stacey is one of the many beauties helping out on Certified F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. and today she was ever so inspired to share her favorite buy at Target! She is quite the character in the office and keeps us on our toes and please enjoy Stacey's debut contributor article today:


We all wear mascara.  Who can resist a doe-eyed look??  Mascara helps mimic neotny, namely large eyes. The same basic elements are used to make up all mascaras; pigmentation, oils and waxes. When applied to the lash, these elements pull the lash away from the rim of the eye, creating a doe-like illusion of larger, more open eyes.  Wide eyes are culturally equated with youth, which is why women have been adorning their eyes and lashes since as far back as Ancient Egypt.

The product we know as mascara today was developed in the early 1900s, around the time of the invention of petroleum jelly.  A chemist named Eugene Rimmel (sound familiar), developed the first modern form of mascara.  Around the same time a man named T.L. Williams developed a remarkably similar product with his sister Mabel.  The product became so popular, T.L Williams started a mail order company from the product which grew to become the company Maybelline.

Maybellines orriginal old mascara

Maybelline; maker of The Colossal Volume Express mascara, my go-to product. No matter how pinched I am for time, I always take a swipe or two to the lashes while brushing my teeth before rushing out the door.  I have also been guilty of slipping the bright yellow tube into my pocket and applying in the school parking lot in my rear-view after dropping the kids. Even when I am giving my skin a break from foundation and eye shadow, I truly feel naked without my mascara, and won’t go a day without.

The Colossal Volume Express mascara Maybellline eyes certified fabulous makeupI love this product because it is waterproof, but not heavy and gunky like some waterproof mascara. It goes on without clumping, and has a fat, round, soft applicator.  “Glam Brown” is perfect for every day, creating a dramatic effect that isn't too much for daytime. It is wonderfully waterproof, even after exercise, there is no smudging. There is nothing worse than catching a glimpse of yourself with raccoon eyes (unless of course it’s after a really fun night out). Although its waterproof power is great, it comes off easily in the shower or with a swipe of makeup remover. Maybelline’s the Colossal Volume Express mascara is a wonderful product. Next time you are at your local Target, I encourage you to pick some up. You won’t be disappointed :)


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